The Euro Elections were a vote against Brexit – more utter bullshit from the Westminster & media bubble

174 days ago

It's okay Nigel I have voted with a treble pleasure

184 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Happy Birthday Dad, Ooh Er MRS & time to back Mr Farage

224 days ago

Tom Winnfrith Bearcast: Brexit is just a small part of an inevitable slump in house prices

345 days ago

It looks like I am not alone on the treacherous Mrs May Brexit sell out – the Tories will not be forgiven

498 days ago

Optibiotix - new chairman is partner of the barking mad remoaning MP Anna Soubry

712 days ago

Peak Dunkirk liberal idiocy: Robert Fisk in the Independent

833 days ago

The fraudster's friend Vince Cable talks unmitigated drivel on Brexit

833 days ago

Photo Article: So I picked up a young woman and was shamed

879 days ago

An unapologetic BBC, lying Swedes, immigration, rape, Donald Trump, Nigel Farage & Fake News

987 days ago

Norbert Hofer of Austria - Europe's first fascist leader since Franco?

1079 days ago

The BBC on UKIP - sneering elitist bastard Jeremy Vine, not even a pretence of impartiality

1084 days ago

Farage meets Trump on the stump and the liberal idiots go into meltdown

1180 days ago

Russell Square - just why are the Police NOT telling us one key fact

1201 days ago

UKIP Really is the unspeakably nasty party today

1202 days ago

Nice attacker lone wolf theory crushed: five arrested - liberal media's five stages of denial

1214 days ago

Nigel Farage Oakley Caption Contest Result

1221 days ago

The EU immigrants living in fear and misery thanks to the lies of the liberal left

1233 days ago

Video: Nigel Farage Brexit victory speech to EU Parliament

1237 days ago

Photo article: Superstar cat Oakley not wowed by Ronaldo he's waiting for Northern Ireland!

1249 days ago

Project Fear on BBCQT - the claims are so insane how can anyone take the inners seriously

1318 days ago

Oldham West - Comrade Corbyn Triumphs, The Tories celebrate, enemies within Labour weep - UKIP in deep trouble

1445 days ago

Send a lefty sociology lecturer to Greece to help the migrants

1460 days ago

Greece: Video - Farage praises Tsipras, Greek PM Tsipras looks confused

1594 days ago

Weekly Postcard #109 - two weeks to Greece & the Moors Murderer backs UKIP edition

1667 days ago

Weekly postcard #107 - Nigel Farage, UKIP, immigrants with HIV - the libertarian take on it all

1688 days ago

Should I vote Labour to tackle the Seagull Menace – the hot issue in Bristol East

1697 days ago

The rabble who mobbed Nigel Farage’s car do not understand free speech

1701 days ago

Amin the Cook & Jeremy Clarkson: the same rules apply

1704 days ago

Oakley makes a Political Statement about Nigel Farage & UKIP

1705 days ago

Weekly postcard #104 - I agree with Nigel Farage & UKIP ( for once) and the BBCs coverage is a disgrace

1709 days ago

UKIP sinks to new lows with its charter it wants ALL Muslims to sign

1768 days ago

Weekly postcard #95(audio), on Paris, Muslim bashing, free speech, Farage and Le Pen

1772 days ago

Video Postcard #65 – UKIP won’t disappear because the political classes still do not get it!

1996 days ago

The best of #ImvotingUKIPbecause – very funny twitter parody

2006 days ago

What to do on May 22nd?

2010 days ago

UKIP vs. the Political & Media Class: The fruitcakes vs. The Establishment

2010 days ago

The amateurish scaremongering of UKIP: Fruitcake of the Day – Suzanne Evans

2059 days ago

If there is to be World War Three – 10 reasons to look on the bright side

2087 days ago

Doing what the EU tells me

2090 days ago

Caption Contest – Chris Smith at the Environment Agency Edition

2101 days ago

High Tax Breeds Crime - the smoking question

2101 days ago

Praise where Praise is due – is Nigel Farage coming out of the Libertarian closet on drugs?

2105 days ago

Farage vs. Pickles on the Somerset Floods – Populist Dumb vs. Unpopulist Dumber

2107 days ago

Weekly Prize Caption Contest – havn’t the poor bastards in Somerset suffered enough edition?

2108 days ago

Weekly Prize Caption Contest - Noah gives his thanks to UKIP Edition

2129 days ago

UKIP Complete Nutter of the week - homosexual loathing David Silvester

2130 days ago

Nigel Farage is not being “nice” on Syrian asylum seekers but even more nasty than usual

2148 days ago

It had to happen eventually – Vince Cable is 100% right about something: immigration

2155 days ago

Racist UKIP Nutter Victoria Ayling – what does Farage really think?

2171 days ago

String the Striking University Lecturers up with piano wire – greedy bastards

2209 days ago

The UKIP Jew haters – It’s time Farage Got a grip

2247 days ago

My superstar daughter Olivia - warming the heart of her Eurosceptic Dad and Great Uncle

2253 days ago

The Disappearing Tory Party - is it all Call Me Dave’s fault? & UKIP dishonesty

2290 days ago

Nigel Farage is a (failed) tax minimiser – so what?

2341 days ago

The Greed of the Political Class – MPs again troughing it

2372 days ago

David Cameron: an out of touch, principle free liar – a Godsend to UKIP

2389 days ago

UKIP Triumphs – Does it Mean Anything?

2390 days ago

April Pond Life by Robert Sutherland Smith

2392 days ago

Piss off Kenneth Clarke you old Euromaniac fool – UKIP bashing

2394 days ago

Pour a beer and watch Evil Knievil, Nigel Farage and real master investors on your PC this weekend

2397 days ago

Nigel Farage of UKIP - classic speech from April 13 now live on video

2398 days ago

Make a diary date for the UK's only serious investor show - April 5

2398 days ago

The Witch is Dead Song – Farage is instinctively right on Thatcher songs, Clegg & Cameron useless & spineless

2408 days ago

UK Investor Show – I hope that you had fun: a few thoughts

2409 days ago

Change of Speaker Line Up at UKINvestor Show this Saturday – in honour of Margaret Thatcher

2414 days ago

Eastleigh: The Message for Call Me Dave on a night of UKIP Glory, Lib Dem Relief and Tory Humiliation

2453 days ago

Think the unthinkable – UKIP might just win Eastleigh – worth a flutter at 11/2

2458 days ago

UKInvestorShow: All tickets Gone and Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

2471 days ago

New Year Resolution - Book your seat on April 13 TODAY

2506 days ago

The Gaping Divide between the Political Elite and Plebs like us in 2013: The EU

2511 days ago

Video Postcard Number 19

2528 days ago

UKIP leader Nigel Farage MEP joins headline speakers at UKInvestorShow on April 13th

2530 days ago

Newsnight on EU – heaven help us: a win for UKIP ( shame no-one watches the show)

2531 days ago

UKIP Triumph – A tipping Point? And the Establishment spin and dirty tricks

2544 days ago

I warm to Nigel Farage after pathetic attack in Telegraph

2618 days ago

Farage on the Euro Farce – not enough lifeboats and the titanic has hit the iceberg

2714 days ago