ADVFN does not want to take money from neo paedophiles - well done

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Bulletin Board Moron of the week in honour of Tavistock PR

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The child refugees at Calais who are adults or far worse

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The Nonce, his wife, the Judge and family values in Britain 2016

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Should I back #KeepCorbyn ? Where is hashtag #VoteAngelaEagle ?

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88 Energy shares suspended in Oz its Placing ahoy (as we said)

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Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop can fuck off - I don't care what you think on Brexit: will you take Rolf Harris back?

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The Guardian: Lies, rugby, Eton toffs and Homosexuals

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Kiddy Fiddler Greville Janner – another establishment cover up

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You cannot libel a dead paedophile: politician Leon Brittan is Dead

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Faux outrage & Orwellian demands as paedophile Jonathan King on air at BBC

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It’s a cop-out – Nonce Stuart Hall gets just 15 months

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Can a Teacher ever be sacked? Overpaid, Underworked & Useless ( and possibly a paedophile)

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Irony from Westminster on child care and the paedophile scandal

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