We are told we must #NeverForget 9/11 – we have! The West is supporting those who carried it out – madness

313 days ago

Blacks for Trump – one reason the Democrats may face electoral oblivion in 2020

348 days ago

What the BBC, CNN and the Guardian just will not say about Trump, the illegal migrants & the polls

382 days ago

So will the BBC, Channel 4, the Dems and the rest of the liberal elite apologise en masse to peace-maker Donald Trump over North Korea

501 days ago

The Liberal media says #Trump2020 is a busted flush - have they read the latest polls? Put your money on POTUS

512 days ago

The Madness of the West allows new genocide in Syria - we have blood on our hands

545 days ago

#ReleaseTheMemo - It was never Trump it was always about crooked Hillary

548 days ago

Backing Emmanuel Macron is a vote against the elites, the establishment: the mainstream press with more fake news

815 days ago

Donald Trump and the Doomsday Clock: The liberal media laps up fake news "the man will kill us all"

900 days ago

Mass on December 25 in Aleppo cathedral after 5 years and yet we are still backing the wrong side in Syria

937 days ago

NBC Wall Street Journal Poll showing Trump 11 points behind - why it is a lie

1007 days ago

Clinton Trump Debate - I admit it: Hillary won but Trump can still win the Election

1027 days ago

Channel 4 News Beltway Liberal Kylie Morris puts awful words into Donald Trump's Mouth...she's scared

1031 days ago

The State that knows Crooked Hillary Clinton best shows American the way: latest Arkansas polling sets 44 year record

1031 days ago

Ron Howard is backing Hillary Clinton "Scoop" - Can SkyTV's Sophy Ridge be more stupid please?

1037 days ago

President Obama and we in Britain betray the Kurds as we back the fascist Erdogan

1059 days ago

Stephen Kinnock, tax dodging hereditary member of elite with the weeks's stupidest Brexit lie

1188 days ago

President Assad retakes Palmyra and is crushing ISIS - the West squirms, red faces all round

1204 days ago

BBC creams itself as top US General tells porkies to scare us off Brexit but the polls say Project Fear is failing

1223 days ago

Clinton, Obama, Beltway Bernie and the GOP Country Clubbers play the racism card but it wont stop Trump

1224 days ago

Is it time for me to stop loathing Clinton?

2014 days ago

Government wastes $1.5 million to find out why Lesbians are fat

2321 days ago

The Falklands 3 – the Islands votes “piss off Argentina”

2322 days ago

What will be the Black Swan that blows up the world economy by 2015? China, US or Europe?

2329 days ago

Dominic Frisbey's Debt Bomb Video again - ref Obama Economics

2331 days ago

“Fiscal Cliff” put in a much better perspective

2386 days ago

Video Postcard Number 14

2444 days ago

Friday Caption Contest – Spoiled for Choice but the EU & Merkel win

2445 days ago

Obama wins – UK Election Coverage Awful, BBC dismal

2447 days ago

Obama Wins: Great for Gold, US Long Term Economic Train Crash Thesis Unchanged

2447 days ago

Democrat Luvvies to Make you Physically Sick – Go Romney

2447 days ago

Obama v Romney, Man United v Chelski – I want BOTH to lose but on balance I go for ...

2448 days ago

Not long to wait on the US Election but it still does not matter!

2454 days ago

Video Postcard Number 12

2457 days ago

Friday Caption Contest – Golden Olympic Legacy Issue: Sponsored by Lord Coe

2459 days ago

Caption Contest – Pres Obama & Saddam Hussein Special

2466 days ago

Romney’s Closing Argument “I will bankrupt the US too”

2481 days ago

The US Dollar – The Political Angle ahead of November 6

2483 days ago

Paul Ryan is NOT Ron Paul and will not save Romney from defeat in November

2533 days ago

Will Romney Run for President? London Gaffes Do Not matter. Tax Evasion Would

2546 days ago

The USA is even more bust than much of Europe

2559 days ago

Peugeot Job Cuts – Francois Hollande Mad - Vive La France (she’s bust)

2562 days ago

Another reason Obama deserves to lose– not reading Reagan & his job non-creation

2571 days ago

Independence day – Top 10 Americans you are glad do not live in the UK

2572 days ago