Echo Energy – a dangerous mix warns City’s No 1 oil analyst

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TomCo - damning assessment after latest discounted placing from City's No 1 oil analyst

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Tomco: the ramp continues but with placing ahoy, the City's No 1 oil analyst far from convinced

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Bahamas Petroleum – even with today's scumbag placing is time running out asks top oil analyst

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A sobering statistic from the City's No 1 oil analyst

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Mayan Energy – Sack Charlie Wood & the BOD or the shares are worthless

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City’s No 1 oil analyst sticks knife into Mayan after latest bailout placing? Where is the cash going?

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City's No 1 oil analyst comments on the AIM demise of Frontera

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Pantheon Resources - throwing good money after bad

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Frontera Resources - a fool and his money - top City analyst writes...

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Tomco Energy - in the land of the blind...

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Mayan Energy - appointing a new NED is not enough it's a chocolate teapot - sackings needed: top analyst

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Top analyst says offer for Faroe Petroleum is too low

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Top analyst says Georgian Government could and should terminate assets of Frontera

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Laurel & Hardy Oil & Gas - Zac plunges in his bloodied knife & calls on shareholders to sack the board

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Mayan – this stinks! Top analyst Zac Phillips on what is a monumental scandal

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Frontera Resources - all is not as it seems, No 1 City analyst weighs in

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Frontera: too little too late, Government should rescind licenses - Zac Phillips

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Zac the Knife’s victim today – Zenith Energy

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Mayan Energy: Statement is laughable, whole board must GO NOW says top analyst

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Mayan Energy - CEO walks but the lunatics still run the asylum

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Zac I know you are house broker but “you cannot be Serious” re Curzon Energy & Cabot

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Top analyst: Frontera Resources management greed is "obscene", company “pollutes” the sector

332 days ago

Mayan Energy – placing inevitable warns the City’s No 1 oil analyst in damning email

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SP Angel’s Zac Phillips wrong on Frontera as it prepares for another lie-fest on October 4

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Gavin Slattery, a UK Oil & Gas owning moron demands personal service via twitter

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The reality of fracking in the UK and the looming energy crisis

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Frontera Resources: Dismal operational update, cash crisis, Waseem & Zac stick in the knife

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Mayan Energy – sack the entire board says No 1 oil analyst Zac Phillips

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Frontera management team "unfit to run the company" claims No 1 oil analyst Zac Phillips

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - my heart goes out to Zac "the knife" Phillips at SP Angel - you poor bastard

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Frontera Resources - another ramptastic release - So What?

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Magnolia Shocker - to delist from the AIM casino - why is the board not being sacked?

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UK Investor Show 2018 Video - Making money from oil onshore UK

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: You know I did train as an oil analyst back in the black and white era

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Who is to blame for Nighthawk wipeout? Zac "The Knife" Phillips tells you

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Don't buy into the Tomco spike - its shares are truly worthless

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Zac sticks his knife into Saffron (again) - damning comment

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Is Pantheon at last starting to fess up?

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Frontera Resources - why no live oil?

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Mosman Oil & Gas - the Pump & Dump, naughty naughty Zac "the knife" & SP Angel

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Frontera Resources - The No 1 Oil analyst not impressed

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Magnolia - a death by 1,000 cuts

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Mayan - its placing ahoy warns Zac Phillips after more bad news

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Zac the Knife attacks Saffron again after today's (very bad) news - calls for boardroom cull

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Nighthawk - not the end but the beginning of the end, Zac has warned you

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Frontera Resources slammed for breaching disclosure guidelines and more

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Don't buy into the Saffron hype warns the City's No 1 oil analyst Zac The Knife

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Thank Donald Trump - At 10p, Curzon target price increased from 37p to 49p: Zac The Knife

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Zac "the Knife" slates Pantheon Resources over complete lack of transparency

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Zak The Knife sticks it to worthless tossers Green Dragon Gas

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Mayan Energy, the dump after the pump - Zac "The Knife" Phillips has 14 questions for the shysters

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Zac "The Knife" on Pantheon Resources... exactly Mr Maestro

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Buy Curzon Energy at 8p - target 17p or 37p

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Zac The Knife - a waspish sting for Magnolia dog

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88 Energy - grim Alaska news ahead of placing - you were warned!

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Frontera Resources - Management are selfish greedy pigs - or words to that effect from Zac The Knife

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Saffron Energy - The City's No 1 oil analyst Zac Phillips sticks his knife in and he has a point

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The Polite way of saying that the management of Nighthawk are clueless gits with crap assets

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Nighthawk Operational Update - Zac The Knife puts management "on notice"

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Zac "the Knife" Phillips accuses Pantheon Resources of over-egging the pudding - damning note

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Zac "The Knife" Phillips explicit warning on Gulf Keystone

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Nighthawk - Top Oil Analyst Zac "The Knife" Phillips says it has misled investors again

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Nighthawk - Running Foxes accuses it of er...ahem

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Cloudtag shareholders please note that "gay" is not a term of abuse

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Frontera Resources: Management views shareholders with disdain, shares on watch list for death

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Petroceltic: Moron "experts" from Bulletin Boards take it up the arse as bid comes in at 3p

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Weekly Video postcard #91 - The Peasants let The establishment have it & they dont like it up 'em

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Why the SNP maths on Oil is all wrong – a former oil analyst (Andrew Bell) explains

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