The BBC on Nigeria – beyond parody

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The Russians are quaking because of Horse Hill - is this the most ramptastic David Lenigas tweet yet?

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UK Investor Show 2018 Video - Making money from oil onshore UK

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Frontera Resources - why no live oil?

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Andrew Monk says where oil is heading and lists the 5 oil juniors to buy for 2018

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Andrew Monk on the great oil exploration triangle

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Why Paul Scott's fucktard follower will always lose & should you sell all your oil shares?

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Assisted by my father, 8 predictions for 2017

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LGO Energy - cash bonus in Spain not enough, another placing inevitable & another sleight of hand by Ritson

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Aminex: "Shabby" Management has betrayed Shareholders says SP Angel

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US Oil & Gas - its still avin a bubble

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - sticking it to Mayair, Jupiter Energy and in fact all Australians bar Kylie

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Want to slash the deficit Mr Osborne? Simple: Axe Scotland

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Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast - My friend you are in sheer denial on Gulf Keystone, your shares are worthless

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Next Job for Bush, Ritson, Carroll, Piggy Austin - oil worth less than shit chicken graphic

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Eleven Oil stocks heading for Zero

1424 days ago

A 100 year war with Daesh, oil worthless in 30 years - the Black Swan 2016 Newsletter

1433 days ago

Gulfsands Petroleum extends open offer - looks like it is going to bomb

1436 days ago

Lenigas Cuba and a benchmark of the value of its stake in Petro Australis - what is the real NAV?

1457 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast extra 7 December - Malcolm Stacey 100% wrong about oil & shares

1465 days ago

UK Oil & Gas pumps out more Horse Hill Bollocks but no one believes the Lenigas bullshit any more

1512 days ago

Sefton – is its Indonesian deal now a hospital pass?

1575 days ago

Sefton shares imploding, now 0.04p to sell when’s the bailout placing?

1577 days ago

Fastnet – Doing the Right thing even if it is red face time

1578 days ago

Video of presentation by Kevin Foo of Victoria Oil & Gas at UK Investor Show

1683 days ago

Video of the Oil experts Session at UK Investor Show - Horse Hill and much more

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Rules 40 and 41 of the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from oil, gas and mining shares

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Rules 27 & 28 of the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas & Mining Shares

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Rules 2 & 7 of the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas & Mining Shares

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US Air Strikes will not save the Kurd Oil plays forever

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TXO - Tim Baldwin explains and puts the case on video

1950 days ago

NEW Mining and Oil shares book by Tom Winnifrith – get your FREE Copy

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Rules 37 and 35 of the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Oil, Gas & Mining Shares ( CPRs & Cash)

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My NEW book on oil, gas and mining stocks out today - order your free copy here

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US Oil & Gas – The Joke Continues

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Farewell Zakynthos – Am I a snob? Yes

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Vialogy – Promoting again: where’s the beef?

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Today’s Questions for Sefton Resources – the world of Leavenworth (less) county

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A day wasted by Sefton and my July 11 Moment – See you in Court bitchez

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Resource expert Sam Bottell's 7 Top UK Oil Picks Revealed

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Guest Post: Robert Sutherland Smith on BP

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Video Postcard Number 16

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A Second Video Postcard from Greece

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