Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton - the Polls are still Rigged for the Dems ...but

1019 days ago

Another Rigged ABC/WashPo poll puts Crooked Hillary in lead, so Trump is winning

1024 days ago

The North Carolina poll that tells you Trump is winning massively - this is HUGE for The Donald

1024 days ago

Even the Rigged Polls showing Hillary Clinton ahead tell you that Trump is winning now

1027 days ago

The post debate poll bounce for Hillary Clinton - it is not enough: Trump will still win

1057 days ago

The State that knows Crooked Hillary Clinton best shows American the way: latest Arkansas polling sets 44 year record

1065 days ago

The British liberal Media wants to bury Trump so ignores the polls - The Donald is surging

1100 days ago

Crooked Hillary Clinton poll lead is evaporating as predicted: UK liberal media in denial

1110 days ago