Rosslyn Data: profits warning x2, cash crunch, misleading RNS's, wrecked balance sheet – what is not to like?

580 days ago

Rosslyn Data - bring back the porno man, trading statement is yadda yadda yadda

1155 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Loads of Pornography and Welshmen shagging sheep + Sepura and 1 down 1 to go with Phil Edmonds

1230 days ago

Fancying lesbians, a problem shared with my late godfather Vicious

1357 days ago

Riot porn from Athens Greece on the way on May 1st – your man is on the spot camera in hand

2098 days ago

David Cameron, Pornography, My Wife and Yours

2260 days ago

Having fun with @PinsentMasons on twitter - a game all can play

2347 days ago

IQE Trading update - as cheap as chips?

2378 days ago

Blocking some tool (Clive Winward) on twitter

2420 days ago

Can a Teacher ever be sacked? Overpaid, Underworked & Useless ( and possibly a paedophile)

2426 days ago

Financial PR firms & the AIM Cesspit (another fight picked)

2447 days ago

Friday Caption Contest - Shit in the Post Edition

2488 days ago

PR prude Kay Larsen does not want me writing this but shares in Advanced Computer Software are a strong buy

2493 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on Saturday – College Group PR, sheep shagging and pornography Edition

2494 days ago

Avanti Communications, College Group, pornography, sheep shagging and Cheryl Cole – ref Kay Larsen

2497 days ago

Imagination Technologies, pornography, College Group PR, Cheryl Cole and sheep shagging – ref Kay Larsen

2498 days ago

ASOS – Evil Knievil STILL Wrong to short the shares at 3,334p + College Group PR, sheep shagging and pornography

2498 days ago

Kay Larsen PR prude at College Group PR, Pornography, Cheryl Cole, sheep shagging and Advanced Computer Software

2498 days ago