TomCo - damning assessment after latest discounted placing from City's No 1 oil analyst

243 days ago

David Lenigas tweets on Angus Energy ahead of placing at 9p today

379 days ago

Sosandar – after the pump the dump and an old chestnut of an excuse

405 days ago

After the David Lenigas twitter pump on Angus Energy...guess what happened next?

473 days ago

Arian Silver, Pump, Dump, Feed the Board, Pump, Dump, Rinse & Repeat

859 days ago

Photo Article: Golden Saint talks bollocks as it serves up another bailout placing

1092 days ago

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: After the pump is the dump - Metal Tiger placing is now underway

1304 days ago

Neil Ritson ramps Solo as bailout placing inevitable just do the frigging maths!

1377 days ago

Exclusive: After the pump shameless UK Oil & Gas now doing a c£6 and a bit million placing

1623 days ago

Avanti Communications: Ramp, ramp, pump ramp – er Moody downgrade & when is the placing boyo?

1957 days ago