Breaking: Calling all Morons – want to back Rob Terry of Quindell infamy in his next venture?

1707 days ago

Real Man Pizza becomes The Free Speech & Liberty Pizza House today

1778 days ago

How will I fund this weekend: £62.57 recovered!

1780 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 30 january

1780 days ago

Tom Winnifrith's bonus BearCast as Rob Terry forced to quit - what next for Quenron

1853 days ago

Friday Quindell Caption Contest - Jobs Going at the Country Club Edition

1857 days ago

Weekend caption Contest: Quindell/QPPSAG Edition Results

1872 days ago

Weekend Caption Contest - Quindell QPPSAG Emergency Summit Edition

1872 days ago

EXPLOSIVE: 360GlobalNet Accounts out – Quindell shown to have bought Shit Company, issued shares to itself & dumped them and lied to investors

1897 days ago

Daniel Stewart & Steamy Caption Contest – Winner announced

1897 days ago

Quindell Leaks Confidential letter as part of smear campaign & scores another massive own goal

1909 days ago

Quindell Bulletin Board Moron and Jew hating Bigot of the week – CriminalMind aka Daveycaferacer

1912 days ago

The Official Rob Terry & Quindell Downfall Video

1954 days ago

David Dunham: Quindell Twitter Moron of the Week & the QPPSAG Lemmings

1983 days ago