What is the collective noun for a group of share rampers? A Lenigas?

13 days ago

We know Sound Energy is worthless, but how soon will it go bust?

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Pires Investments placing with Chris Akers – bank profits on a great tip of the year

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Bulletin Board Moron of the week Competition – Coronavirus edition

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Shameless ramper David Lenigas is back and has not changed his spots

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Sound Energy – Now 179 shareholders demand the head of James Parsons

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Versarien buries bad news on Election day – shocking interims and the cash is running out

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Praise the Lord: From the mammon of Versarien, Patrick Abbott walks with God

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The anatomy of a share ramper

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David Lenigas pot play – a shameless ramper doesn’t change his spots

372 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Mark Dampier of Hargreaves trousers £5.6m days before the Woodford shite hits the fan, having been the ramper in chief

394 days ago

Frontera shareholders you have been raped – "discussions with majors" exposed as meaningless MOU

615 days ago

Podcast Evidence: Is James Parsons of Sound Energy the most shameless ramper on AIM

624 days ago

SHOCK VIDEO: Lyin' Steve Sanderson of Uk Oil & Gas explains what really makes him tick

962 days ago

UK Oil & Gas - no news is, surely, bad news

970 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Paul Scott vs Tom Winnifrith - the bearcast rumble in the AIM Jungle is scheduled

1219 days ago

Odd one out Contest in honour of great companies brought low by the global shorting conspiracy

1223 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: 2 massive rule changes AIM MUST make in the wake of the Cloudtag scandal & the issue of blame

1226 days ago

Has anyone got an address for Cloudtag ramper in chief Liam Nicholas - I'd like to doorstep him this weekend

1226 days ago

The Cloudtag Moron & Ramper in Chief finds motivation online & tweets the news

1255 days ago

Bulletin Board ramper of the week result - its another Worthington winner

1415 days ago

Ramper of worthless penny shares Big Gib gives up on Blenheim Natural, takes mega haircut and sells

1441 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast The blessed Mel for Dad but Steve Moore & Gary Newman fired!

1446 days ago

ShareSoc thinks AIM can lose the Casino tag but its demands say it all & say nothing

1480 days ago

Phorm - Its tits up time another kill for the Sheriff of AIM

1539 days ago

Could Andalas Energy (aka dog CEB) be booted off the AIM Casino in two weeks time after raising the most expensive debt in AIM history?

1549 days ago

UK Oil & Gas - the Horse Hill rampers issue another misleading update - placings ahoy!

1579 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast St David's Day: Sheep Porn, Barclays & More Horse Shite

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Glenwick - Ramptastic bollocks that stinks

1631 days ago

David Lenigas and your PR bully - welcome to the kiddies' playpen - more questions

1725 days ago

EBITDA is a bull market metric for fools and knaves – ref blinkx and Globo

1775 days ago