The hypocrites celebrate referenda, the Irish celebrate murder

676 days ago

Immigration: The Hungarians are Revolting but who is to blame? Everyone?

1277 days ago

Another academic who views the "Little people" with contempt and disgust - Scott Bellows

1278 days ago

Patronising lefty academic Caroline Dodds Pennock shows undisguised contempt for the great unwashed (who pay her wages) & for free speech & tolerance

1278 days ago

Jon Snow of C4 News on Brexit - a patronising millionaire elitist bastard

1291 days ago

Bugger me, I'm gutted for Nicola Sturgeon as poll shows Scots want to stay in the UK despite Brexit

1343 days ago

40,000 very silly young people #marchforeurope. Oh no they don't

1371 days ago

Jeremy Hunt for Tory leader - he's avin a bubble

1375 days ago

Scotland - I wish you the best of luck - now PLEASE FECK OFF

1378 days ago

Some of my wife's "Remain" patronising, elitist, sneering, lefty friends are bastards

1380 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Postcard - Labour imploding over Brexit

1392 days ago

Dodgy David Cameron should Resign NOW as he is exposed as lying monstrously to us all over EU referendum

1417 days ago

The Dutch stick two fingers up to the EU, the bullshit excuses flow thick & fast: Newspeak 1984 from Brussels

1457 days ago

Will the Dutch People stick two fingers up to the EU today? My fingers are crossed

1458 days ago

Want to slash the deficit Mr Osborne? Simple: Axe Scotland

1474 days ago

Weekly postcard #124 - despairing at UKIP and backing Putin in Syria

1650 days ago

The Massive Oxi rally in Athens – thoughts, photos to follow Saturday

1735 days ago

Greece Referendum to go ahead - Tsipras: live blogging from Athens to start Friday noon

1737 days ago

New UKIP Attack video - the 2 faced David Cameron Special

1738 days ago

Tom Winnifrith – off to Greece on Friday, live riot porn blogging from Athens from Saturday

1738 days ago

Photo article: Free Speech & Liberty stands with Greece – say Oxi! To the banksters

1738 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - Independence day for Greece July 5, Tsipras calls referendum

1742 days ago

I do not support UKIP but its latest anti EU advert is brilliant

1747 days ago

Tom Winnifrith EU Bearcast: Big Business cannot over-ride democracy and is wrong anyway

1827 days ago

LibLabCon want to stop UKIP – Do it in 2 easy steps – just listen to us plebs!

2141 days ago

Democracy Crimea Style vs. Democracy EU Style

2209 days ago

EU Prize Loon of the Week Martin Schulz

2758 days ago