Rotala – interims and “confident about the prospects of the group in 2019 and beyond” - BUY

108 days ago

Synectics – results subdued again… but investment beginning to pay off? YES!

137 days ago

Falanx – and the CEO resignation that was clearly not...

484 days ago

Rotala – half-year results, “confident about the prospects” - BUY

487 days ago

Purplebricks – the only reason the shares have not completely crashed is it is hard to borrow stock

521 days ago

Norcros – full-year results emphasise “excellent progress”, still a buy

540 days ago

Chamberlin – FY results; short-term margins undermined, but revenue growth and outlook encourage: BUY

551 days ago

Shoe Zone – a good first half & remains confident of the outlook - BUY

560 days ago

Even when he wants to tell the truth Lyin Steve Sanderson at UK Oil & Gas can't manage it - results announcement

622 days ago

IQE will please everybody with these results - bulls, bears, loons and Uncle Tom Cobbley

630 days ago

Shoe Zone – full-year results, still looks Income value - BUY

696 days ago

Norcros – interims, “remains confident”… BUY

751 days ago

Snoozebox Holdings – when will the lender pull the plug?

852 days ago

Begbies Traynor – positive full-year results, a counter-cyclical buy

877 days ago

Pure Horse Shit from Jim Mellon's FastForward - the shares will continue to tank

886 days ago

Advanced Oncotherapy – when the Final Results don’t tell you everything you need to know

897 days ago

FastJet - PR fecking geniuses Citigate can't polish a turd - dismal results and a warning of worse: target price 0p

921 days ago

Chamberlin – full-year results and management chat

921 days ago

Sanderson Group – interim results and management chat

929 days ago

Interquest Results - still a recovery buy

997 days ago

Symphony Environmental Results - more good news

1005 days ago

Cloudtag Results Prize Competition - win a bottle of Red Leg Rum

1020 days ago

Shoe Zone - buy on results

1060 days ago

Stanley Gibbons - dire interims but...

1067 days ago

Buy Character Group

1071 days ago

Begbies Results - still a buy

1084 days ago

Sanderson: results and company chat - buy

1099 days ago

Plexus Results "Pretty shocking" - and there is worse to come

1135 days ago

International Consolidated Airlines (British Airways) Results - a broker who understands travel warns you

1136 days ago

1Spatial Interims - disappointing but now more than discounted

1139 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast : a word or two on the ADVFN Results

1143 days ago

Stanley Gibbons Dreadful Results

1160 days ago

Petropavlovsk Interims - buy

1163 days ago

Universe interims, minor glitch but still a buy

1164 days ago

Fox Marble Interims - getting there: Buy

1172 days ago

Safestyle Interims - on track with this share tip

1172 days ago

Reach4 Entertainment Interims - a curate's egg

1180 days ago

Action Hotels Interims - Buy

1180 days ago

K3 Business Technology - more than decent prelims, leaves us c130% up on share tip but more to go!

1182 days ago

Shite Results from Wandisco - have you seen the balance sheet?

1224 days ago

Begbies Results, no red flags: Buy

1243 days ago

Servision - where are the ffing results - is a suspension looming?

1258 days ago

Prime People results - check out that yield

1262 days ago

Jiasen Results Delay - For Whom the bell tolls for thee

1262 days ago

Norcros strong results - buy

1269 days ago

Shoe Zone - no slip up with results

1269 days ago

Avesco - very strong results still a buy

1271 days ago

Distil, FY results good now watch operational gearing kick in big time!

1272 days ago

LGO Results - a landmark in confetti issuing horseshit

1272 days ago

Fox Marble Results - no shock we knew they would be poor: the shares remain a buy

1284 days ago

LGO Energy: results preview: it will be a sea of red ink.

1284 days ago

1Spatial, Results and Confident Statement: Buy

1310 days ago

R4E - In line trading statement: hang on and hold tight

1317 days ago

Symphony Results -patchy but the shares are a buy

1325 days ago

Action Hotels 2015 Results - Buy

1329 days ago

SpaceandPeople Results - buy (despite rude CEO)

1349 days ago

K3 Results, Company Chat and where next? Up!

1356 days ago

Safestyle - solid results and the shares march on

1361 days ago

Gulf Keystone Full Year Numbers - What you smell is Toast, 1p best case target

1361 days ago

Berkeley Energia Interims and more - buy

1362 days ago

FDM Group - strong results, confident: buy

1370 days ago

Interquest results more than decent - buy

1371 days ago

Slater & Gordon Beer & Popcorn Results Debacle Podcast Part 3 - why did S&G's board crash the car

1381 days ago

Slater & Gordon Beer & Popcorn Results Debacle Podcast Part 1 - Good news for Watchstone

1381 days ago

Action Hotels Trading Update - stance upgrade to buy

1391 days ago

Entu results - look to the yield & Buy

1407 days ago

Avesco cracking results, we are 100% + ahead but still a buy at up to 240p

1426 days ago

IS Solutions, cracking interims but so big is the profit on this share tip that...

1472 days ago

Quindell Results Out - Bearcast from Tom Winnifrith part 2: what next for Quindell & Slater & Gordon Shares

1589 days ago

Vislink - results are encouraging: buy

1719 days ago

K3 - solid results, bullish outlook

1728 days ago

Interquest - cracking results

1734 days ago

Reach4Entertainment Interims - buy at up to 6p

1906 days ago

Avanti Communications – Results all spin no substance & hidden revenue warning (again)

1906 days ago

Empresaria interims good - but more to come on this share tip

1922 days ago

Buy Plastics Capital – Results and Company Chat

1983 days ago

A Delay in results is nearly ALWAYS bad News

2033 days ago