Acting as a shadow director when disqualified carries a maximum sentence of 2 years - Aidan Earley investigation requested

1084 days ago

Shares in Worthington have traded for 30 days in 3 years & another odd factoid

1141 days ago

Why have shares in Worthington, the fraud now in liquidation, not been booted off the LSE yet? Ask the SFO?

1142 days ago

Who would be your dream ramping team on the AIM casino for Ramptastic PLC?

1758 days ago

Photo article: Tom Winnifrith served with injunction thanks to Aiden Earley, shadow director of fraud Worthington

1810 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 5th March

1810 days ago

Worthington’s Aiden Earley gains interim injunction v Tom Winnifrith: Fraudster Bitchez to be seen in court 11 March

1810 days ago

The Worthington Fraud Part 4 – meet James Holmes (more confidential emails)

1824 days ago

Sefton’s Jim Ellerton is in London – shadow director?

2358 days ago