Back in Kambos – an ouzo in what used to be Miranda’s

16 days ago

Back in St Nicholas' park cafe Warwick - thinking of girls and smoking 30 years ago

815 days ago

Congratulations to nephew D on winning a place at Britain's second best University - it was 31 years ago for me

847 days ago

Photo article from the Greek Hovel: farewell the snake patio, farewell the "smoking" steps

921 days ago

New Year Resolutions 2017

1076 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: What to do about 2 great evils in our society: smoking & Roland "Fatty" Cornish

1131 days ago

The Bonkers maths of Stoptober and why the State should leave smokers alone with the capitalists

1165 days ago

Going back to the gym after er... a long break

1179 days ago

Three days to six months without a cigarette and I celebrate

1218 days ago

Charon visits the Greek Hovel - gosh this is awkward

1298 days ago

Today is three months without a cigarette day

1307 days ago

5 minutes to kill as a non smoker at Temple Meads, I don't need the Government to help me

1367 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 27 Feb - smoking, ISDX joking, Alba poking and IRG choking

1385 days ago

Shall I go & Bash the Tory Candidate to be Mayor of Bristol? He is a useless faux Conservative

1390 days ago

Winter in Kalamata

1470 days ago

Most Certainly ouzo o'clock - George the Albanian is located at last

1470 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 26 November - taking more lectures from Hanoi Jane Paul Scott

1478 days ago

The Anti-smoking Nazis of the USA

1481 days ago

Kerry McCarthy MP (Labour farming) Treat meat eaters like smokers…er hang on comrade

1541 days ago

Diabetes update – for the first time in memory a Doctor praises me

1544 days ago

Malcolm Stacey goes to Islington to find Jeremy Corbyn’s Money Tree – part 3

1554 days ago

Do you mind not smoking in the open air said the fascist froggie? Yes I do said I

1616 days ago

The fascist no smoking zone at Heathrow

1682 days ago

The two worst jobs a husband must do before being allowed to go to Greece – completed

1684 days ago

Oakley Health Scare – A costly Silver Lining for me

1687 days ago

The Mrs & Health fascism: why don’t you smoke your e-cigarette outside?

2044 days ago

Onto the e-cigarettes

2044 days ago

A final bitter taste of Greece - a "sharp" waiter at the Athens Sofitel

2050 days ago

Wishing all Blog Readers a Happy & Prosperous 2014 and Good Luck with New Year Resolutions

2173 days ago

36 Hours without a cigarette

2217 days ago

Liam Fox reminds me: V for Vendetta – Time for an annual viewing

2259 days ago

Do you have an ashtray? Er…

2325 days ago

North Terminal Gatwick Airport – Cripes this is grim

2355 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard Number 36

2377 days ago

Guest Post Robert Sutherland Smith on BAT Industries- a last gasp or a final draw

2405 days ago

It is National No Smoking day in Airstrip One – Light up in Solidarity

2467 days ago

It is Illegal to smoke in this building – No it Frigging well is not!

2476 days ago

Pointless Health Fascism at Paddington

2484 days ago

Pot smoking on First Great Western Trains

2491 days ago

Creating an Agricultural bubble the EU way & pissing away millions

2504 days ago

UKIP Triumph – A tipping Point? And the Establishment spin and dirty tricks

2569 days ago

Downfall Parody – The Health Nazis Battle against wicked and evil smokers

2589 days ago

Friends of Albania – no escape from the Health Nazis

2601 days ago

Plastic Bag and Fizzy Drink Taxes - Lib Dems, Cons and Lab screw the poor

2636 days ago

The 5000 Lek Note is a Pain and Smoking Crime

2690 days ago

Last message from Greece – Albania beckons, farewell Spiros and White Fang

2691 days ago

A sharp increase in the cost of smoking & Dodgy websites

2706 days ago

The Travelling Begins...

2712 days ago

Visiting a Greek Post Office – The Dilemma

2715 days ago

Tori the Orang-Utan kicking the smoking habit: media misses an open goal

2716 days ago

The smoking ban – why it should be repealed

2724 days ago

Cash as Money in 2012

2729 days ago

New Contract with ADVFN – I am NOT’s Paul Ince

2730 days ago