Dev Clever: from 1p to 14.5p and now a placing at 1p all within a year – true pump & dump shame

57 days ago

Stranger Holdings – not strange but fecking nutso, this company is insolvent

200 days ago

Dev Clever worth £200m - you is ‘avin’ a Turkish, have a butchers at truly dire interims

207 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the latest Novum/Aberdeenman POS ramp deconstructed & asking the fuzz to investigate two old friends

261 days ago

The Curse of Daniel Stewart strikes again – management fallout at Atlantic Carbon

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Do the Fandango – Charles Tatnall reveals the money go round

294 days ago

Cyril d'Silva of Golden Saint Resources infamy plans UK stockmarket comeback with MKI

362 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: A lesson in red flag spotting at Atlantic Carbon - the stench of Daniel Stewart, Adam Wilson and Peter Shea

374 days ago

BREAKING: From Death to a Standard Listing, Daniel Stewart the comeback...

374 days ago

AIQ – a one year anniversary of shame

403 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Will Jim Mellon's PR man say sorry for chewing my ear off over the Condor spoof - vindicated today

698 days ago

Hemogenyx shares soar 117% after two tweets - is this the new RNS? Surely this is a bit naughty

723 days ago

Sherlock Holmes fiend Rodger Sergant tries it on with a blockchain spoof at Stapeleton

758 days ago

CORRECTION: Andrew Monk leaps to the defence of AIQ -the er...wonder stock

765 days ago

CIC Gold - Ooops the Boy Scout Mugger did it again

1083 days ago

Highlands Natural - the joke Helium deal with Opera collapses - the lies go on

1316 days ago

Trendit - surely someone has got to go to prison, this is FRAUD

1384 days ago

CIC Gold - is the end imminent? Tell us about the accounts Scout mugger Bromley

1388 days ago

Q&A with Charles Barclay of Bluebird Merchant Ventures

1429 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 24 September - in a good mood which makes me nastier than ever!

1609 days ago