Oooh Er Mrs – the comedy shit show continues at Management Resource Solutions ( shares suspended)

13 days ago

Breaking News: Dealing in units in Neil Woodford's flagship fund suspended until further notice

110 days ago

10 stocks about to lose their Nomad – possible AIM Casino suspension ahoy

239 days ago

Frontera – Nomad quits, shares suspended, it is game over morons & ouzo time for me

269 days ago

Another tax black hole emerges - this time its Nature Group, shares suspended

543 days ago

Echo Energy shares suspended after no insider dealing on AIM, honest guv!

691 days ago

Yet another Cloudtag Countdown clock - how long till the Fady Lady sings?

909 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the Week sponsored by the Glenwick Ramping Crew - a winner announced

922 days ago

Tom Winnifrith: Do I want to get beaten up by a 36 year old fitness freak to raise money for Cloudtag owning morons on the LSE Asylum?

935 days ago

Cloudtag - why the shares are suspended: a ghastly silence from Novum, here is the sordid detail

938 days ago

Cloudtag suspended pending an announcement: odds on it is the placing in trouble

938 days ago

Exclusive Photo Article: Cloudtag Onitor heart rate product used on CTAG shareholders for the first time today.

938 days ago

Breaking: Cloudtag Nomad Cairn quit weeks ago: source - get out of jail card for Novum?

938 days ago

United Cacao - it is now 10 seconds to midnight, when companies collapse it happens fast on AIM

987 days ago

Avanti Communications share suspension on December 30? New bond default?

1015 days ago

Lyin' Chris Cleverley & Lord Peter Hain forced to fess up by the Sheriff - it gets even worse for FRAUD African Potash

1024 days ago

It's Ouzo Time! Outsourcery shares suspended, serial failure Dragon's Den Piers Linney admits its a wipeout!

1204 days ago

CIC Gold - is the end imminent? Tell us about the accounts Scout mugger Bromley

1237 days ago

Phorm leaves Russia with love ( as in zero) but has it told proposed investors? Er...

1292 days ago

PetroCeltic - shares suspended pending clarification...oh dear, which oil junior's next?

1293 days ago

Slater & Gordon shares suspended - Castlemaine XXXX & popcorn Monday with results

1305 days ago

Is Motive TV finally toast - Prepare for the St Valentine's day moron massacre

1328 days ago

Peer TV - farce & fraud - this one is toast, call in the Old Bill TODAY

1331 days ago

PeerTV - shares suspended, Weitzman quits, please may this be game over?

1332 days ago

Is Andalas (CEB Resources) already bust or just very close?

1333 days ago

Eastbridge Investments suspended on AIM Casino - this stinks

1349 days ago

Afriag - why its shares must be suspended now: part 2

1363 days ago

Oilex – this could be terminal

1409 days ago

CIC Gold – I am sure its advisers are on top of this – can we see the Due Diligence file on its proposed COO?

1413 days ago

CEB to be suspended for weeks – but why has lying, rule breaking Dave Whitby not been fired?

1426 days ago

Daniel Stewart – problems with the placing? Come on ‘fess up chaps

1445 days ago

China ReRun – Yet Another Filthy Forty China AIM casino stock onto Death Row – shares suspended

1446 days ago

China Fraud Camkids goes onto AIM Casino Death Row – Nomad quits, shares suspended

1453 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 24 April: Sefton shares should be suspended

1611 days ago

Quindell the Death March accelerates – when will the shares be suspended?

1746 days ago

Which AIM Cesspit Companies will be suspended at 4.30 tomorrow …some runners and riders

1910 days ago