Eden Research - why did its PR man Paul "Queenie" McManus LIE to me?

1017 days ago

Eden Research - a Second Request to the FRC to investigate its fraudulent accounts

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Eden Research: when will the auditors get some backbone and challenge the carrying value of the intangible assets and the accounting for TerpeneTech?

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Eden Research – The art of value creation. How a licence worth only £20,000 in June 2013 became worth £600,000 in August 2015.

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Eden: the Terpenetech fraud starts to unravel, has the first body been quietly buried?

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BREAKING: Eden Research Interims - the accounting rule breach to hide the fraud

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Eden Research: Profits warning, Terpenetech fraud not addressed, running out of cash again!

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Terpenetech Accounts in - another sign of the clear Panama Pump fraud at Eden Research

1389 days ago

The 4 Companies I have Reported to the FRC - the common thread for Quindell, Eden, Avanti and Servision

1445 days ago

Paul Queenie McManus at Walbrook PR - why is your fraudulent client Eden Research hiding from me?

1445 days ago

Eden Research: How about you obey AIM Rules for once and 'fess up re milestone non payments

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Sean Smith CEO of Eden & PR drama queen Paul McManus would rather ramp than explain fraud

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Terpenetech & Eden Research - let's go back to the start of the Fraud

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Which Terpenetech was involved in the Eden Research panama pump fraud?

1476 days ago