Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: a dark day in the fight against corporate fraud & the share price that tells you a B2C stockmarket bloodbath is on the way

354 days ago

Harriet Harman, the BBC and the rest of the liberal media elite lie about a gender pay gap at Tesco

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - How the Shipmans are buttering up my Dad plus punishing the wrong folks at Tesco

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Bring out the piano wire for the AIM awards tonight & are you boycotting marmite?

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Tesco three charged with Fraud by SFO - This gives a timescale for Rob Terry

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So you think blue chip shares are safe? Think again...

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What is it with the younger generation? Now they can't find a row of beans?

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June edition of the UK Investor magazine: Should we stay or should we go? + 7 share tips

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"Treating" an olive tree at the Greek Hovel as only a man can do

1277 days ago

Photos from Shipston: Note to the Mrs, Raspberries don't grow in Tesco's punnets

1594 days ago

Druid Getafix, aka Malcolm Stacey, must have over-imbed at the Punter’s Return – ref Tesco

1620 days ago

Breaking Exclusive: Oh Dear – more bad news for Quindell, YLF class action ups the ante today

1624 days ago

Hargreaves Lansdown jumps into bed with the free speech deniers & black balls ShareProphets

1764 days ago

The Bulletin Board Jihadists win another victory AGAINST free speech as Etihad Airlines blacklists ShareProphets

1767 days ago

Page Three Ce n’est pas mort – #JeSuispage3

1778 days ago

Je Suis Page 3

1780 days ago

Bearcast 8th January - free speech deniers Quindell and other matters

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Tom Winnifrith's BearCast - 9 December

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Tesco & Quindell, accruals and dealing with dissenting analysts

1898 days ago

After Tesco who is next for a dodgy revenue recognition admission? Any suggestions?

1899 days ago

Call Me tasteless & see if I care: Recycling the Oscar Pistorius twitter jokes

2101 days ago

The New Media Thought Police March once again in Margate, Kent.

2110 days ago

July Pond Life on Hampstead Heath

2332 days ago

The 194 Listed Companies with County Court Judgements against them named

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Guest Post Robert Sutherland Smith on supermarkets group William Morrison

2435 days ago

Guest Share tip: Robert Sutherland Smith buy J Sainsbury for yield

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Oscar Pistorious kills girlfriend - the best of the tasteless twitter comments

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Banning packed lunches at schools – Michael Gove becomes a Health Fascist

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RyanAir Loses Ash case - the twitter joke reaction plus another helping of Tesco

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Delight in Sheep Street Shipston – should I flog my father’s house without telling him?

2502 days ago

Friday caption contest - Shipston on Stour Edition

2505 days ago

Breaking News: Deluded Middle Class Lefties and Tory Toffs screw the plebs and Tesco in Shipston

2506 days ago

Guest Post: Robert Sutherland Smith on Tesco

2512 days ago

Friday Caption Contest sponsored by Tesco

2512 days ago

The best Tesco jokes from Twitter today. No foaling.

2514 days ago

Tesco and its horse meat burgers – what’s the fuss?

2514 days ago

Mothercare: No Raison d’etre – sell

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Jessops Bust – Who is next? How can you make money from it?

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