Back in Kambos – an ouzo in what used to be Miranda’s

15 days ago

Day 5 of the Olive harvest at the Greek Hovel and a final P&L – Don’t all laugh

370 days ago

Photo report from the Olive harvest at the Greek Hovel Day 3: the Albanian cavalry arrive

375 days ago

Photo Article: Lovely Eleni and Joshua's intended, Little Red Riding Hood - its Carnival!

661 days ago

Photo article: from bikini clad women in the sea to snow covered mountains in half an hour

662 days ago

A tale of two restaurants The Katelanos and Miranda's in Kambos

738 days ago

Photo article: All change in Kambos, farewell ouzerie, au revoir accursed creperie or is it goodbye?

750 days ago

Photo Article for Paul Roberts: Traffic Jam on Kambos High street

751 days ago

A last lunch in Kambos, Gary Sausage holds court, excrutiating embarrassment at the creperie

828 days ago

An empty Kambos creperie says what Lovely Eleni is too nice to say - the intruder is toast

832 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel: frigana slashing and a sweaty selfie

913 days ago

Photo Article - back at the Greek Hovel - it is starting to look rather beautiful, but there is bad news

925 days ago

Sitting in Kambos speaking French - looming competition for lovely Eleni & FFS I am NOT a Kraut

947 days ago

Frigana Poisoning at the Greek Hovel Delayed again - this time it is not God

955 days ago

Poisoning at the Greek Hovel - what about the poor sheep and goats?

957 days ago

Back at the kourounis taverna in Kambos - it's like I have never left

969 days ago

Another ouzo says Vangelis - after an hour of subbing Zak Mir I deserve it

1659 days ago

Suffering Head On Bike Crash in Greece – Feeling Bruised and stupid

1678 days ago

My last day at the Greek Hovel – 1 last satisfying bonfire

1746 days ago

Five Days to Greece! Getting in the mood with Despina Vandi

1763 days ago

At the Greek Hovel the Olive harvest Really Does Start Tomorrow and Kambos a hive of activity

1838 days ago