Photo Article: All it needs for evil to triumph is for good men to say nothing - Covid lockdown

11 hours ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel: Making Pear Jam Part 1

1 day ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Is Matt Earl wrong on Boohoo? I fear that he may be

4 days ago

Photo Article - why won't the Mrs let me fly my new flag?

9 days ago

The Greek Hovel August 2020 – Day 11 farewell to Johnny and the Nicho the communist mystery solved

14 days ago

Tom Winnifrith podcast: Rule Britannia, lies, the BBC and what it all really means in a historic context

34 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel Making Damson Jam with Joshua Part 3

36 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel August 2020 - Day 9, completing a circle as Uncle Johnny, Joshua and I head to Mistras

36 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel: Making Damson jam with Joshua Part 1

38 days ago

Photo article: Hairy, Black, Welsh pussy

40 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel August 2020- Day 8, an afternoon in Kardamili

40 days ago

The Greek Hovel August 2020: Day 7 sees a shock at Kitries & the wildlife diversity report

41 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the Mrs tries to drag me to the worst corner of my hell on Christmas Eve

44 days ago

The Greek Hovel August 2020: Day 4 the Arrival of Uncle Johnny

49 days ago

The Greek Hovel August 2020: Day 3: I am invited to a meeting by Nicho the Communist & an enormous present for Joshua

54 days ago

The Greek Hovel August 2020 day 1: The Coming out photo of the Mrs as we head straight for the Kourounis Taverna

56 days ago

The Greek Hovel August 2020: day 1 and it's Masks at Manchester

57 days ago

Virtue signalling in the era of Covid - daft feminists play the victim again. Yawn.

69 days ago

No sniggering at the back about old dads but it looks like my nappy changing days are not over yet

90 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - invasion of the bulls the Old Bill wants to milk

94 days ago

The Morning Dew, the last-minute rain, my amazing neighbours & a snake – final report on the Woodlarks walk

107 days ago

Walking 33.3 miles to save Woodlarks - First photos of Tom's trek around the fields

108 days ago

One reason the statues are falling is that we don’t teach our kids our Island history any more

109 days ago

Photo article from the Welsh Hovel - the Elderflower Production line

110 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel: I hope that it is strawberry fields forever

114 days ago

Woodlarks walk – Training Update, a 19km stroll with my daughter, ice cream for Joshua

118 days ago

Photo article from the Welsh Hovel - strawberry fields forever! We hope.

133 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: taking incoming from all quarters today

139 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I cannot condone the actions of the Mrs or join her as I am a law abiding citizen

139 days ago

Photo article from the Welsh Hovel - thanks to Olaf now baking bread

160 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Happy Birthday to the Mrs & Guardian reading sister N - where does the bailout madness stop?

179 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: part 2 of panic shopping at Tesco, my "insanity" of round 1 is rewarded

196 days ago

Photo Article: It is world book day and Joshua is not Howard Roark

208 days ago

Photo article: it is father & son haircut day

238 days ago

Photo article from the Welsh Hovel - starting work on the strawberry patch with Joshua and the Mrs

239 days ago

Photo article from the Welsh Hovel: Bonfire of the EU Vanities on #Brexitday

241 days ago

Photo Article: Joshua & I on Woodlarks 2020 Rogue Bloggers training walk No 1 - Moel Famau

262 days ago

Photo article - so where was the site visit with the Mrs & Joshua?

266 days ago

Photo Article: Preparing to celebrate the end of 44 years of family misery on January 31

274 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Has Justin the Clown's IPO been pulled & a funny thing happened on the way to the polling station

290 days ago

Photo article: I've voted in Wrexham but my Labour supporting Mrs could not. Ha!

292 days ago

Nightmare at the Greek Hovel – car won’t start bus to catch

300 days ago

There are so many reasons not to vote Labour but, I beg the Mrs, just think about the Jews

313 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel, prepping for Christmas because I am such an eco-friendly green warrior

316 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - Christmas Puddings made

316 days ago

Photo Article: Guy Fawkes Night in Wrexham, a nation forgets its history & the Mrs thinks I am becoming Peter Hitchens

331 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel - so near so far the pool is almost full

413 days ago

Photo article from the Greek Hovel - Swimming Pool now ready for our first swim, it was wonderful

417 days ago

Wildlife Diversity Bonanza at the Greek Hovel – yes reader I saw my first snake

420 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - ouzo time thanks to St James House

423 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Rule 1 of AIM, you cannot beat Professor Conroy

436 days ago

England did not win the greatest cricket match ever because of diversity!

442 days ago

My first young mums event at the Welsh Hovel – this singing in Welsh malarky is beyond me

448 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: a major row with the Mrs (can you decide?), Sosandar and..but Neill Ricketts is an honorable man

455 days ago

Daddy that is the best present ever… Joshua is easy to please

466 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - dramatic discoveries in "the mother-in-law's bedroom"

472 days ago

Is Dead Ringers on BBC Radio 4 the worst possible way to spend my license fee?

479 days ago

Photo Article - who is an adorable, if very naughty, cat then?

484 days ago

It's okay Nigel I have voted with a treble pleasure

500 days ago

Photo Article update from the Welsh Hovel - a sight to delight daughter Olaf

505 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Malcolm you misunderstand IQE

505 days ago

Photo Article: Oakley's cousins arrive at the Welsh Hovel

522 days ago

Photo Article - walking around Stourhead with the Mrs and Joshua, the end of the Booker family memory lane

546 days ago

Photo Article: the place where my mother "saw" the ghost

547 days ago

Photo Article: Knighton House & Durweston Church, wandering down memory lane

548 days ago

Photo article: pancake day comes two days early

575 days ago

Photo article: rowing with the Mrs, I win and Joshua gets a much needed haircut

575 days ago

Photo Article: My first training walk for Woodlarks 2019 - Part 3: the second half

584 days ago

My first training walk for Woodlarks of 2019 - off to Swineford, donate today! Part 1

584 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: From the Grim North my Argo folly compounds itself

591 days ago

Photo article two - snowballs and cat in the snow

606 days ago

Photo article - the snow started last night, more global warming today

606 days ago

Photo Article: climbing Glastonbury Tor with the Mrs and Joshua

610 days ago

Photo article: catnapping the Chav family cat going well

614 days ago

Photo Article: Joshua's Goat

618 days ago

Is my wife’s Bristol "tradition" just a middle class fantasy? Anyone want a broken pushchair covered in cat hair?

628 days ago

Photo article: on Brexit which sort of remoaner are you?

645 days ago

The Carol service at a packed St Cuthbert’s

652 days ago

Photo article - the tree arrives for dressing this weekend: I guess Christmas is almost upon us

655 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: tales of total woe from my local estate agent - and how to profit from it on the short tack

655 days ago

The Mrs has to give a lecture on “Greed is Good” – will she do so as well as Gordon Gekko?

660 days ago

Photo article from the Greek Hovel - Problemo: It's all Greek to me

661 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel - something that has not happened here in years, maybe decades

661 days ago

Why can’t I get an Advent calendar featuring Jesus?

689 days ago

“A familiar face” I shouted (a stroke of genius)

689 days ago

Photo Article: Joshua is no mug

695 days ago

Photo Article: One final walk in the hills above the Greek Hovel with Joshua & new wildlife diversity

700 days ago

Discussing the Iliad, the seven cities and the Greek Hovel with my father

700 days ago

A full length video of the Greek Hovel inside and out

703 days ago

Photo article from the Greek Hovel Joshua says its "my bed" as workmen eff it up

704 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel… dead cat not bouncing

704 days ago

Photo Article from Eleni's Kourounis Taverna - Joshua reads the Gruffalo ahead of a castle walk on my back

706 days ago

Photo article from the Greek Hovel – one step at a time

711 days ago

Photo article from the Greek Hovel - guess what? Progress er ... slower than expected

712 days ago

Video: Dominic Frisby sings "maybe" - sheer comedy genius

715 days ago

The BBC hit job on Justice Kavanaugh continued all day

723 days ago

Progress report from the Greek Hovel – storm Zorba hits my olives

728 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I'm not joking, the Mrs and I are looking at buying a house in the developing World, that is to say Wales

734 days ago

Photo Article: Birthday for Joshua turning two

740 days ago

Photo article - the burial of Oakley

741 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel - stairs and ceiling arrive

743 days ago

Oakley Funeral date set – The Mrs has a book on the death of Mog for me to read to Joshua

748 days ago

Arguing about money with lovely Eleni and her husband Nicho

750 days ago

Photo Article: Walking with Joshua in Greece this summer

753 days ago

Photo article - more classic Oakley

753 days ago

Photo article: Joshua and his dad on a walking tour of the back streets of Kambos

754 days ago

Photo Article - the Roma at the Court House in Kalamata and Greek indifference

755 days ago

Photo article - walking to Zarnata Castle the other way with Joshua

755 days ago

RIP Oakley 2001 to 2018

756 days ago

Photo article from the Greek Hovel - wildlife diversity edition: the Mrs and Olaf both screamed

761 days ago

Encircled by sheep at the Greek Hovel

765 days ago

Hatches, matches & despatches – a tale of two cats from the Greek Hovel & Bristol

765 days ago

Photo article: the Greek Hovel starts to become an eco palace

768 days ago

Photo article from the Greek Hovel – disaster averted

769 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Frantic hovel tidying as the Mrs arrives tomorrow

774 days ago

Photo Article: Fear not Olaf & the Mrs: chairs arrive at the Greek Hovel

774 days ago

Photo article - so close to completion of the Greek Hovel

776 days ago

Photo Article: My bedroom at the Greek Hovel - not as frightening as I had feared

776 days ago

Photo article from the Greek Hovel: Doors and windows

777 days ago

A great and exciting day looms – I move into the Greek Hovel tomorrow!

778 days ago

Oakley Health Report - it seems as if there is life in the old boy yet

783 days ago

A tale of two crimes on the way back from Birmingham and the Grim North - my own moral maze

783 days ago

Poor Oakley, once morbidly obese now just skin and bones

790 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel - Doing what the Bulgarian pooftah wouldn't

804 days ago

Photo Article - through the keyhole, whose books are these?

805 days ago

Walking through the burning Greek Sun - not plain sailing

808 days ago

Photo Article: pointing and main stair entrance complete at the Greek Hovel

816 days ago

And now the PC bastards want to ban Zulu because it’s racist – natch

825 days ago

Just why am I paying for so many BBC staff to live it up in Russia at the World Cup?

826 days ago

Guardian harpie Christina Patterson – the BBC fails to haul her up for the most disgraceful Donald Trump smear

830 days ago

Sunday's 14 mile training walk for Woodlarks goes horribly wrong ( but extra long)

835 days ago

Daughter Olaf berates my T-shirt and wants Mayor Sadiq Khan to be PM – should I disown her?

836 days ago

Walking, walking, walking – update on my training for Woodlarks, another day of humiliation

840 days ago

Farewell to the Greek Hovel & Kambos - 240 trees and out

849 days ago

Yet again ashamed of my old University Oxford

850 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Recording in what seems like a sauna to avoid the snakes

851 days ago

Things I won't be doing dear reader: running for office in Texas & going to Belize on a snake tour ( or at all)

856 days ago

Photo article: Olaf it's here! The first eco-loo lands at the Greek Hovel

857 days ago

Photo Article: Joshua learns a new word in Sweden - "outdoors"

880 days ago

Photo article: a week in Sweden by a lake

880 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: 'fessing up to what the Mrs and I were up to last night & the deafening silence at Advanced Onco and Frontera

898 days ago

Photo Article: paying Homage to Donald Trump in New York

906 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - why won't the Mrs come to see the new Death Wish as her birthday treat?

910 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the investment case for gold and two shares I am likely to buy next week

911 days ago

The Sunday service ..Dr Johnson would not have been surprised

911 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I just love it when my father in law and I talk about his birth in Madras, it so annoys the Mrs

918 days ago

Photo Article - Joshua's first haircut

945 days ago

Photo article: Proving I am a real man... pyromania at last at the Greek Hovel

950 days ago

Photo Article: Lovely Eleni and Joshua's intended, Little Red Riding Hood - its Carnival!

953 days ago

Whatever the BBC thinks, I am not discriminatory in not wanting to date a woman who used to have a penis

990 days ago

Joshua's apparent hatred of Santa Claus

1021 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: UK Oil & Gas today shows why a death spiral is a one way bet (down!)

1026 days ago

Boys, girls, make-up and sexism in 2017 - the strange world of the BBC

1029 days ago

Photo article - so why can't you eat your olives at the Greek Hovel?

1029 days ago

Photo article: the Greek Hovel Olive Harvest 2017 a final report and plans for 2018

1031 days ago

Photo Article: Can I buy your sawdust? I said to the man with the sweetest kitten - he looked puzzled

1031 days ago

Photo article: Joshua reads like an Australian

1039 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Arsenal football players on the AIM Casino - do not touch 'em with a bargepole

1050 days ago

What is God punishing me for? A sneak preview of hell

1057 days ago

Joshua Christening Photos

1063 days ago

The BBC's John Simpson tweets fake news on Brexit teachings in Universities as academia squirms and dissembles

1070 days ago

Would you Adam and Eve it? Breakthrough at the Greek Hovel it is all systems go

1078 days ago

Britain's craziest divorce case - how is a business making £40k worth £1.1 billion?

1088 days ago

Bath Spa University, the transexuals and the sheer cowardice of liberal academia

1099 days ago

Photo Article: Joshua unwraps a Birthday Present - Report the Mrs to social services

1108 days ago

Off to learn French with 364 days old Joshua - another great idea from the Mrs

1111 days ago

A last lunch in Kambos, Gary Sausage holds court, excrutiating embarrassment at the creperie

1120 days ago

Video - Joshua in action, why I could not write any articles yesterday

1121 days ago

An empty Kambos creperie says what Lovely Eleni is too nice to say - the intruder is toast

1124 days ago

What will my wife be giving me tomorrow? 4th Wedding anniversary looms

1125 days ago

Sitting in the Caribbean Beach Bar in Greece repels me and sends my blood pressure zooming

1128 days ago

Off on a road trip with Joshua to see his inheritance and the snakes

1131 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel - I'm happy to pinch ideas as a magnificent new doorway takes shape

1137 days ago

The lady at the Sainsbury's checkout looked at my son Joshua and said "what a gorgeous little girl"

1144 days ago

The young woman asked me to undress and then fondled my genitals

1151 days ago

You private sector workers spend your whole day watching cats on the internet said the Mrs... ok, for once a fair cop, awesome video

1152 days ago

My Grandfather Sir John, a hardline socialist would spin in his grave as Remoaner Polly Toynbee demands more cash for farmers

1154 days ago

I am so 100% excluded from the Inclusive lavatory at the Guardian's fave cinema

1156 days ago

Photo Article - Dessert Gooseberry Crumble, not so good for the diabetes but...

1172 days ago

Sing & Sign - can I really endure this come the autumn, even with the fit young mums and for you darling Joshua?

1174 days ago

So what part of India does your wife come from, said my Dad

1178 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: We 3 crooks of the AIM are, stealing money we travel so far..

1181 days ago

Alive but not kicking

1185 days ago

I am such a goddamn fucking feminist - loving life as a primary carer of Joshua

1187 days ago

Photo Article - Joshua's Christening was today

1191 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: all Things Fraud and Fright-er-ful

1196 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel - another selfie and one of "my babies"

1200 days ago

The Mrs to brainwash Joshua at Bernie Sanders event - looks like I may get outvoted on fleeing Corbyn's Britain

1215 days ago

Sitting in a garden centre in Bristol I dream of the snake repellent shop in Kambos

1220 days ago

Photo Article: Ways to annoy the Mrs No 34: putting up a Tory election poster In Bristol East, then Greece

1223 days ago

Photo Article: Joshua goes to see his inheritance ( the Greek Hovel)

1227 days ago

Photo Article: I have won the Mrs over to Miranda's in Kambos

1229 days ago

Diary of a diabetic day whatever + 1: still seething

1233 days ago

Diary of a diabetic day ..whatever: a disastrous week

1235 days ago

Sitting in Kambos speaking French - looming competition for lovely Eleni & FFS I am NOT a Kraut

1239 days ago

Taking the Mrs to the Greek Hovel - a mass snake encounter

1240 days ago

Yeeeees - Christmas comes early at West Ham, but I did not dare look

1243 days ago

After three years...building work starts at the Greek Hovel. Laptop off!

1243 days ago

What do Britain's top share blogger Paul Scott & my daughter Olaf have in common? They are freaks that is what!

1244 days ago

Poisoning at the Greek Hovel - what about the poor sheep and goats?

1249 days ago

Photo Article: Nicho The Communist, the Goats and a lesson in olives

1254 days ago

BREAKING: Big News on the Trouser Front - a happy diabetic writes

1254 days ago

Diary of a diabetic day 21: Trousers now a real issue - they are falling down

1255 days ago

First Skype call with my son Joshua, now 7 months old

1256 days ago

Diary of a diabetic day 8 - unexpected virtue

1268 days ago

Floreat, floreat schola Warwicensis at Twickenham today

1281 days ago

Did Joshua just say his first word? Can you guess what it was or was not?

1286 days ago

Mrs Boot the Farmer - Saints Preserve us, PC madness for children

1305 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: For whom the (front door) bell tolls

1308 days ago

Photo Article: Pancake day in Bristol

1308 days ago

Photo Article Coal Not Dole (in English & Welsh). Of course that was not the choice

1315 days ago

A last picture of the ruin at the Greek Hovel - it comes down this summer but will be a Phoenix

1318 days ago

Photo article: A new bridge is spotted under the double murder bridge near Kambos - I must investigate

1323 days ago

Photo article: My cunning plan turns out to be not so cunning after all - I now know what hell is

1326 days ago

Photo article Mike the Vlach arrives and I meet his sister as well

1327 days ago

The Drunken Sailor thrown overboard by political correctness in the Nursery

1351 days ago

Joshua Photo article - Reporting the Mrs to Social Services

1354 days ago

Greek Hovel Update: the Mrs goes to Birmingham, I enjoy a large glass of wine with breakfast

1357 days ago

My morbidly obese three legged cat Oakley: The Birthday Boy is now taking the piss

1359 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Why we must read accounts from the back forwards and Sirius vs Cloudtag

1365 days ago

New Year Resolutions 2017

1367 days ago

Avoiding two hours of George Michael - there is a God

1373 days ago

Great lines for New Year's Eve with the mad lefty friends of the Mrs, Marine Le Pen could be a winner

1373 days ago

Photo Article: My signature dish: Portuguese three pig & two bean stew

1378 days ago

The Mrs would not allow me to call our son Ebenezer as Scrooge gets an awful press

1381 days ago

Photo Article: The Christmas Tree is up with decorations from my life around the world

1382 days ago

The feral kitten at the greek Hovel who looked like Kitosh is now resident as a magnificent cat

1389 days ago

Sleep glorious sleep

1389 days ago

Day six of the Olive Harvest at the Greek Hovel - bad marks Peter Greensmith

1391 days ago

Photo Article: Oakley, Joshua and the silly hat

1399 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Grounds for divorcing the Mrs, 7 stages of grief (part2) & the stocks on AIM to short

1407 days ago

Visiting the Christmas store for Chavs, the Mrs makes me feel so ashamed

1407 days ago

The Mrs has Moved me into a Premier Inn at a Motorway Service Station

1413 days ago

Photo Article: Four Christmas Puddings almost ready - thank you Darina & Myrtle Allen

1416 days ago

The Four Words that Made Me the Most hated man in the room

1429 days ago

Me of Little faith - Happy Hammers with my daughter

1433 days ago

Photo Article: baby Joshua with his grandfather: now about West Ham and Social Services

1444 days ago

My weekly Sainsbury shop, I am addicted to this exercise in despairing at modern life

1452 days ago

The Mrs has switched channels to watch Graham Norton - surely this is grounds for divorce?

1453 days ago

Diane Abbott brands my wife a racist for backing Brexit.. whatever

1462 days ago

Photo article: Racist Bear joins the household

1465 days ago

Pizza Hardman: how about naming your son Thatcher Winnifrith?

1473 days ago

Photo article: Morbidly obese three legged cat Oakley tormented by Pokemon and the working classes

1476 days ago

A moment of true cot humiliation

1478 days ago

Can I divorce the Mrs for reading Prima Magazine? the case for an Asteroid strike on Britain - women's magazines

1483 days ago

The Mrs is back in Hospital - has anyone got a "Junior Doctors are greedy bastards" badge?

1484 days ago

Grounds for Divorcing the Mrs...she just cannot be serious!

1487 days ago

The Mother In Law sends a card - as the Mrs & I celebrate our third wedding anniversary

1490 days ago

Photo article: Hillary for Prison 2016 - a new T-shirt arrives but the Mrs is not impressed

1508 days ago

Heading to the shop with my New University Rafia Bag - as least its not the Sociology Association One

1518 days ago

A Reason Not to Visit the Mother-in-law: calling a woman a "bird" in Nottinghamshire now a hate crime

1535 days ago

What is it with the younger generation? Now they can't find a row of beans?

1539 days ago

Can we emigrate if Andrea Leadsom becomes PM? I ask the Mrs politely

1542 days ago

Is the Mrs reading Grazia Magazine grounds for divorce?

1549 days ago

Plucking up courage and heading back into the fields...sssssnakes!

1552 days ago

Photo Article: the road to Mistras

1554 days ago

Photo article: Oakley's Greek cousin in action

1554 days ago

Visit to Paddy Leigh Fermor's House part 3 - My father holds Court

1560 days ago

Photo: The Mrs at Mistras - a stunning view

1563 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - one week to Brexit?

1564 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The warnings of Soros & the Wonderful Mrs

1565 days ago

The Mrs heads home from Greece - life without her is very different, I'm back at the Hovel

1566 days ago

Tom Winnifrith's shortest bearcast ever: putting the Mrs first & flagging up Advanced Oncotherapy is "in sights"

1570 days ago

This Blog is 4 years old - Happy Birthday: my top twenty stories & 20 Greek stories

1570 days ago

Thunderstorms and flooding in the UK and here in Greece: Brexit must be to blame

1574 days ago

How many frigging olive trees does the Mrs own? I now prune into uncharted and snake intense territory

1576 days ago

A welcome addition to the wildlife diversity at the Greek Hovel...Hello Mr Cat

1576 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: On the toast rack are CIC Gold, xCite and Gulf Keystone & what's happening at TrakM8?

1576 days ago

Charon visits the Greek Hovel - gosh this is awkward

1589 days ago

Photo Article- day 6 at the Greek Hovel and first snake seen & photographed

1601 days ago

Hooray! The Mrs votes Tory for the first time ever...a small step

1605 days ago

Can I divorce the Mrs for reading Marie Claire?

1611 days ago

An hour at the hypnobirthing "taster session" felt like an eternity

1616 days ago

The only candidates slagging off the Tories are the Tory candidates, my lefty wife is thinking the unthinkable

1624 days ago

its 3Pm and Pizza Hardman Darren Atwater starts to panic - I really do feel ill

1625 days ago

It seems as if I am to be a father again, change of life plan

1639 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 2 April - Domestic Servitude for me & the Ronnie Corbett issue

1641 days ago

Holiday Priority for the Mrs: Getting Oakley's minders to send photos and updating his facebook page

1646 days ago

The Mrs has got her Nashville ticket and this makes her week

1654 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 8 March: Solgold & Rose Petroleum - just doing the ffing maths!

1666 days ago

Bringing my daughter up to support West Ham - no longer a Social Services offence: 1965 arrives

1671 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 2 March: The Scum visit The Academy & I'm not talking David Lenigas

1672 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 28 January: Im still in Bristol & The Mrs is in the doghouse

1706 days ago

Midsomer Murders New Series - Political Correctness gone mad?

1719 days ago

Belated happy birthday to my morbidly obese 3 legged cat Oakley

1726 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Thinkathon: futurology, publishing, Bulletin Boards, Malcolm Stacey, retail

1745 days ago

A picture show: Olive Oil from the Greek Hovel from start to finish

1746 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 18 December: Pensioner mugger WH Ireland time to face Karma

1746 days ago

Merry Christmas Kambos - a video card from myself & my father

1747 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 16 December: African Potash this stinks & an apology to Doc Holiday

1749 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 15 December - Fitbug tits up poll & is it Jabba or Chris Oil for the Christmas Carol?

1750 days ago

Steam Oil Production Co presents at Gold & Bears - November 28 2015

1755 days ago

Olive Harvest at the Greek Hovel over - it has been dismal but that is not the point

1756 days ago

Most Certainly ouzo o'clock - George the Albanian is located at last

1761 days ago

Send a lefty sociology lecturer to Greece to help the migrants

1776 days ago

Its #NationalCatday – so the Mrs uses Tara as a shield: shocking!

1797 days ago

Be warned: Don’t catch The Lobster at all costs – the worst film of the year

1801 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 20 October - Fireworks at Globo Ahoy!

1806 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 15 October - my uber foxy legal team is on standby

1811 days ago

I am becoming a sociology lecturer – its official

1819 days ago

Diabetes update – for the first time in memory a Doctor praises me

1835 days ago

Capitalism Makes the World a better place for all (Greed is Good) – The Mrs is allowing me to lecture to her sociology students

1843 days ago

Photo article - Tara the cat in Hospital last night

1875 days ago

Tara the cat medical update – the bills are going the roof, but some progress

1875 days ago

Tara the cat: photo & medical update

1877 days ago

Weekly Postcard #121 - The Women's FA Cup Final and what it says about the loathsome BBC

1885 days ago

Feck me, I am a vitriolic blogger says the shite rag that is the Independent – Tom Winnifrith

1886 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 27 July - Coronation Street, another Manchester Soap and the ludicrous Gate Ventures fraud

1891 days ago

Photos from Shipston: Note to the Mrs, Raspberries don't grow in Tesco's punnets

1893 days ago

So this Japanese babe said “you’re an interesting man can I come and interview you?”

1903 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 10 July - back to Athens for riot porn

1907 days ago

Paying an Electric bill for a witch: Greece does not work anymore & never worked

1911 days ago

Ryanair vs Aegean – One says Feck You and takes your cash, the other is a good airline

1914 days ago

Tom Winnifrith – off to Greece on Friday, live riot porn blogging from Athens from Saturday

1917 days ago

Sometimes I love running a restaurant, sometimes I hate it…

1921 days ago

It is #WorldMeatFreeDay - so what will I be eating? Meat for every meal.

1933 days ago

Weekly postcard #116 - mingling with the fake charities and Jew haters at the Bristol Refugee fair

1934 days ago

Sunday Treats from the Mrs

1934 days ago

The cat chorus as Tara prepares to visit the vet

1935 days ago

My father and I struggle to switch on the TV

1942 days ago

My cunning travel plan to get back to Bristol - yes it involves ouzo

1944 days ago

Happier Times at the Kardamili Police Station

1949 days ago

Karadimili Conversations - Tuscany in Greece

1951 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 26 May - a short edition

1952 days ago

Snake killer foiled - but I did it the Greek way

1955 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - 20th May

1959 days ago

A two snake day & the Mrs is on a plane struck by lightening

1960 days ago

Wildlife diversity report from the Greek Hovel - first snake met & I might have killed it

1962 days ago

Feeling frigging macho as I kill a rat at the Greek Hovel

1967 days ago

Rejoice, Rejoice – The Tories Win

1971 days ago

The two worst jobs a husband must do before being allowed to go to Greece – completed

1975 days ago

Oakley Health Scare – A costly Silver Lining for me

1978 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 30 April

1979 days ago

Oakley & Tara reckon I have breached their human rights

1979 days ago

Poor Theo Clarke (Con) just knocked on my door.

1982 days ago

The Cleaning Lady has arrived …thank God

1985 days ago

The Mrs. away, working without trousers again and the cats in disgrace

1986 days ago

Weekly Postcard #108 - All those links to India edition

1997 days ago

Postal matters

1997 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 7 April

2001 days ago

Wouldn’t Grexit be bad for me personally? Yes. But why I support it 100% anyway

2004 days ago

Amanda does not understand the Seagull issue and is cross with me

2012 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 25 March - a busy day

2015 days ago

Weekly postcard #105 - where is the 10% discount for the true heroes : capitalists!

2018 days ago

Off to a party with friends of the Mrs…heaven help me

2019 days ago

Oakley makes a Political Statement about Nigel Farage & UKIP

2021 days ago

My last day at the Greek Hovel – 1 last satisfying bonfire

2038 days ago

Five Days to Greece! Getting in the mood with Despina Vandi

2055 days ago

New Pussy Video - two in a bed inaction

2056 days ago

Tara, the capitalist cat, makes her video debut as Oakley slumbers on

2060 days ago

Why is my local Tory candidate Theo Clarke ashamed of being a Conservative?

2061 days ago

New Oakley Video: cat inaction in bed with the Mrs

2061 days ago

Video: Oakley the three legged cat demands more food - FFS you are on a diet!

2064 days ago

New Oakley Video - Exercise and Negotiating cat flap

2067 days ago

Your Vote matters says Bristol City Council – Really? Prove it – I register anyway

2068 days ago

How will I fund this weekend: £62.57 recovered!

2068 days ago

My Third Oxford Interview…I wake from a nightmare

2069 days ago

Childhood memories of snow at school – what a bunch of Jessies we are today

2070 days ago

My Work today comes to you courtesy of the excellent Arnos Manor Hotel, Brislington

2070 days ago

Why does the West Wing inspire me?

2073 days ago

Video of the hero of the day, brave Oakley my 3 legged cat

2073 days ago

Am I hexing West Ham? Bristol City on Sunday

2076 days ago

Je Suis Page 3

2080 days ago

It is all Greek to me -Lesson one tomorrow

2082 days ago

Back in the garage and a message to my father about the cold weather & global warming

2082 days ago

Using My Christmas present from the Mrs and looking forward to the Birthday present

2088 days ago

All Quiet & Kids Free, Just a vomiting capitalist cat to deal with

2096 days ago

Tom Winnifrith’s share tips of the year 2015 – No 1 Buy InterQuest at a 102p offer

2099 days ago

Christmas day Reflections 2014

2099 days ago

Merry Christmas to you all from Oakley, Tara, myself & The Mrs

2106 days ago

Reasons to divorce the Mrs – Giving money to Simon bloody Cowell of X-Factor

2115 days ago

My Christmas Tree Prize Competition

2116 days ago

Tom Winnifrith's BearCast - 8 December

2122 days ago

Delayed at the Greek hovel ...but I work with Vangelis - the man in the pink shirt

2122 days ago

After the storm at the Greek Hovel Part 2 – The dry River flows

2126 days ago

Picture article - day 1 of the Olive Harvest at the Greek Hovel

2129 days ago

Picture article: Winter shower arrangements at the Greek Hovel

2130 days ago

The First Olive Oil from Kambos - c/o Nikko

2135 days ago

Friday Quindell Caption Contest - Jobs Going at the Country Club Edition

2146 days ago

Picture Article: And so here is the fig chutney 2014

2154 days ago

Chateau Brislington 2014 takes shape

2154 days ago

Video Postcard #85 – happy Birthday Nadine, welcome to Britain & immigration issue

2172 days ago

The Mrs got carded and is feeling very smug indeed.

2182 days ago

That unusual chicken recipe revealed…

2188 days ago

Thinking about grapes in Bristol and at the Greek Hovel

2188 days ago

The Great Paddington Dilemma – Drunks in London or Sheep Shaggers getting pissed.

2190 days ago

I was dragged to the Police station in Kardamili and bullied, Greece in context

2193 days ago

A final farewell to Kambos and the Greek Hovel (for this summer)

2193 days ago

Picture article: The Cultural quarter of Kambos – Part 1

2195 days ago

A surprise for the Mrs…from the Greek Hovel

2195 days ago

Paddy Leigh Fermor, The Mani and Kambos

2197 days ago

The latest strange night-time noise outside The Greek Hovel is revealed.. a kitten

2215 days ago

The Mosquitos at the Greek Hovel had impeccable taste but are now left with just me…

2216 days ago

The Mrs Goes home and I am alone again in the Greek Hovel catching up on matters such as two murders in the village

2217 days ago

How to get back to the UK from Greece – Jihadists and Ebola concern me

2217 days ago

It’s My Wedding Anniversary so an almost day off

2221 days ago

Bitten by a Duck in Kardamili Greece as the Mrs laughed loudly

2222 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard from Tom Winnifrith #77 – Three Big Treats Edition

2228 days ago

Photo Special – My Eco-Loo is ready

2249 days ago

Feeling Guilt at the Greek Hovel – Not Making the Mental Leap

2253 days ago

My second pair of trousers set for retirement at The Greek Hovel – weight loss update

2258 days ago

Cheering up The Greek Hovel with a bit of Alice Cooper and some overt sexism

2263 days ago

Exciting News from the Greek Hovel – We enter the 21st Century – Profits warning in Kambos & Copulating Lizards

2265 days ago

Rats, Bats & Sheep – Report 11 from the Greek Hovel

2268 days ago

Weekly Caption Contest: Overpaid, generous pension, long holidays what do we want…MORE! Edition

2270 days ago

Picture Special – a view to die for: Report from the Greek Hovel Number 5

2271 days ago

Picture Special – Report from the Greek Hovel Number 4

2271 days ago

Preparing for Battle with rats and snakes – Report from the Greek Hovel Number 3

2271 days ago

A glass of Chateau Brislington 2014 anyone?

2271 days ago

Would I prefer rats or snakes in my bedroom? Report from the Greek Hovel Number 1

2271 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #70 – Off to The Greek Hovel & The Political Paedophile Cover Up Edition

2277 days ago

I have a terribly guilty confession and is Manchester packed with homosexuals?

2289 days ago

Staff Rage at 1.25 AM

2290 days ago

The RSPCA and RSPB – sick as a parrot

2291 days ago

Who to Support in the World Cup? A Hard call

2299 days ago

What is the difference between slugs and snails?

2312 days ago

The Mrs has moved me out to the garage

2312 days ago

No Labour Dirty Tricks from the Mrs – we manage to vote

2321 days ago

I’m Voting Tory on May 22nd in the Euro Elections because…

2322 days ago

The Mrs Buys a hovel in Greece and I head off to the Building Site in July

2326 days ago

What to do on May 22nd?

2326 days ago

The Bounty of Parsley & the Soup Solution

2330 days ago

The Mrs & Health fascism: why don’t you smoke your e-cigarette outside?

2334 days ago

Onto the e-cigarettes

2335 days ago

The Mrs in the Doghouse – Endeavour & Nashville

2340 days ago

Getting Organised for the trip back, but planning to be back in Greece in July on a building site

2342 days ago

Huge Cultural Insensitivity by the Mrs in Epidavros…I am going to have to report her to the Liverpool Police

2343 days ago

More Grilled Sheep Intestine Sir?

2344 days ago

The Mrs & The Countdown to releasing the cats from cat prison

2345 days ago

Goat Milking in Greece – Lesson 2 a triumph captured on video

2352 days ago

Easter Day Goat in Greece

2352 days ago

Happy Easter from Greece

2355 days ago

A Money Making Idea based on Cats & my nervous Mrs - Ltd

2355 days ago

The Great appeal of Greek pop music - not understanding a word

2362 days ago

This year’s EIS Investment is….Chateau Civrac

2366 days ago

Farewell to Bristol for a Month

2373 days ago

Endeavour is back – the highlight of the weekend beckons

2375 days ago

What to Get the Mrs for her Birthday? Any Ideas? Help!

2375 days ago

Pizza & Beer with Matt Lofgran of Nostra Terra – my thoughts

2376 days ago

Yippee – My Passport is Here: Greece beckons

2379 days ago

My trousers are falling down

2386 days ago

Why I detest St Patrick’s Day

2388 days ago

Weekly video postcard #57 – Reflections on the “Greek” Graves of my Great Uncles Edition

2396 days ago

The Mrs Catnaps my cats who are now officially Indian

2398 days ago

11,601 on Word Mole – a new Personal Best

2400 days ago

Finally My Interview at the Conservative Club is … tomorrow

2406 days ago

The final journey for Kitosh (my old cat)

2420 days ago

Filling in the Tax Returns – who is my Guardian Angel?

2434 days ago

New Nickname for my morbidly obese three legged cat Oakley

2435 days ago

Weekly video postcard #55 - the Evil of the Growth of Food banks and the poverty myth

2444 days ago

Playing Mad Lefty Bingo as the Mrs Launches her Book

2446 days ago

A Three Legged Cat with very little brain makes his bid for freedom

2448 days ago

Happy Birthday to Me – Closer to 50 than 40 as of today

2452 days ago

The Mrs & Her Book Launch – the writing is on the wall.

2457 days ago

16,089 words of Torture lie ahead thanks to Zak Mir

2460 days ago

A Bracing New Year’s Day Walk with the Mrs at Chew Lake

2463 days ago

Owen Jones in my Christmas Stocking – eeeek

2466 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on a Sunday Edition: The Conservative Club

2473 days ago

Houston. I think I have a problem – The Independent is too right wing?

2480 days ago

A Problem with the Conservative Club

2481 days ago

Cheap booze at the local Conservative Club…sign me up at once (and what my Lefty Mrs said)

2487 days ago

Stranglers, Randy Strippers, and Smutty Sluts and a new Word Mole High Score

2487 days ago

Into the new grown up house – it happened so fast

2487 days ago