Weekly Postcard #98 - why cant the political class be honest edition

1978 days ago

Your Vote matters says Bristol City Council – Really? Prove it – I register anyway

1979 days ago

Video Postcard #90 - The Rochester fallout, UKIP, immigration and the despised political classes

2048 days ago

LibLabCon want to stop UKIP – Do it in 2 easy steps – just listen to us plebs!

2232 days ago

UKIP vs. the Political & Media Class: The fruitcakes vs. The Establishment

2237 days ago

Maria Miller axed but for how long? The political class just do not get it

2275 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #61 – Maria Miller looks like a greedy pig and she is a greedy pig edition

2279 days ago

Tom’s video postcard #50 – Sleazy MPs at it again on the expenses front

2419 days ago

Liam Fox reminds me: V for Vendetta – Time for an annual viewing

2460 days ago

Why MPs are so despicable - the case of Liam Fox and the 3p expense claim

2460 days ago

The Disappearing Tory Party - is it all Call Me Dave’s fault? & UKIP dishonesty

2517 days ago

Sir George Young ‘s virility

2525 days ago

MPs are still sleazy expenses grubbers – nothing changes

2550 days ago

So Labour is bankrolled by the Unions…er what’s the news? And who cares?

2552 days ago

Weekly Video Post Card #38 – Mandela and Osborne/ Bankrupt Britain edition

2559 days ago

John Bercow is 100% right about European immigrant workers – the mainstream parties & UKIP faux outrage is pathetic

2584 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard Number 35

2586 days ago

Sir Patrick Mercer and 3 Lords nailed but who else in Westminster asks questions for cash?

2586 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on a Sunday - Back to Sleaze Edition

2587 days ago

Patrick Mercer MP is a crook – why is he still an MP?

2588 days ago

The Greed of the Political Class – MPs again troughing it

2599 days ago

Why will folks keep voting UKIP? Pigs like Sir Stewart Jackson MP

2610 days ago

David Cameron: an out of touch, principle free liar – a Godsend to UKIP

2616 days ago

Piss off Kenneth Clarke you old Euromaniac fool – UKIP bashing

2621 days ago

The Idiocy of press laws in the internet age – ref 82 year old arrested in Savile Enquiry in paedoBritain

2651 days ago

Eastleigh: The Message for Call Me Dave on a night of UKIP Glory, Lib Dem Relief and Tory Humiliation

2680 days ago

UK’s libel laws and new media – imminent collision: Paedogeddon Westminster Issue

2798 days ago

Cameron to End Dithering, Oh please.....

2859 days ago