Tom Winnifrith discusses Patisserie Holdings fraud with Kelvin McKenzie on LoveSport Radio

396 days ago

Love Island more popular than Oxbridge - Rod Liddle is a genius

525 days ago

No Hannah Winterbourne you have not always been a woman you used to have a penis

598 days ago

The fascism of the Corbynistas - newspaper burning on election day, what next book burning?

890 days ago

Fascist free speech denying student shitheads at City University - the intolerance of the campus

1091 days ago

Good News - my father's membership of the Conservative Club approved

1210 days ago

Jeepers, as a #Tory4Corbyn I am now really confused -Jezza might actually be the best Labour has, so the worst choice for leader

1217 days ago

Page Three Ce n’est pas mort – #JeSuispage3

1758 days ago

Je Suis Page 3

1761 days ago

Brooks Newmark MP – try to be logical please

2193 days ago

Avanti Communications, College Group, pornography, sheep shagging and Cheryl Cole – ref Kay Larsen

2425 days ago

Louise Mensch – Hypocrite But Always Entertaining

2584 days ago