Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Answering Malcolm's question in detail ref Optibiotix & Skinbiotherapeutics and gosh these Tories are dim

9 hours ago

Ben Bradley MP: The Tories replace competence and freedom with populism, c’mon you Blues

4 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - will Versarien's illegal loan be allowed to go ahead or don't the Tories do sleaze anymore?

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Election day bad news reports prize contest (1/2 litre of Greek Hovel olive oil) result

288 days ago

Brexit Actually - possibly the best ever campaign video and it stars Boris

292 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the stupidity of investors, ref Sirius and Brady

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It looks like I am not alone on the treacherous Mrs May Brexit sell out – the Tories will not be forgiven

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Pathetic and wretched Theresa May and her Brexit dividend for the NHS lie

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The Institutionalised Bias of the BBC comes through loud and clear from Barnet

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Why we really feel poor - too much Government rather than too little

1040 days ago

Tories 4 the TransGender Community - The New Big Idea in the Big Tent - Gosh these folks are pathetic

1162 days ago

The State pension, life expectancy and a ponzi the historically ignorant & innumerate left cannot understand

1164 days ago

The liberal media elites prepare for an onslaught on the DUP - everything they despise

1205 days ago

I called it for Trump & Macron - here is my GE2017 party by party forecast - big Tory win

1208 days ago

The Nurse who the BBC loved as she lied to Theresa May and the Nation

1212 days ago

Clueless Lib Dem git Alistair Carmichael warns Tories want post Brexit UK to be like "Singapore without the sun" - I wish

1346 days ago

Going back to the gym after er... a long break

1468 days ago

Things keeping my father and I amused today

1538 days ago

Just in case you had forgotten - the real crackpots are in the Labour party - lets have tea with ISIS

1651 days ago

Are all Northerners, fat, stupid and expecting the State to wipe their arses?

1696 days ago

Oldham West - Comrade Corbyn Triumphs, The Tories celebrate, enemies within Labour weep - UKIP in deep trouble

1759 days ago

Weekly postcard #120 - the real danger of #Corbyn4Leader

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Is London a bit of a Scotland – totally out of touch with “real England”

1967 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast May 8th - Rejoicing & snakes edition & Daniel Stewart ho ho ho

1968 days ago

Rejoice, Rejoice – The Tories Win

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Off to a party with friends of the Mrs…heaven help me

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What to do on May 22nd?

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Scumbag Tories in Grantham betray Margaret Thatcher

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