St James House: Its Doomsday Clock is at 30 seconds to midnight

20 days ago

Shoe Zone – full-year trading update. A recovery & income buy?

110 days ago

Solid State – positive half-year trading update, remains a buy

114 days ago

Chapel Down – how about a “formal” trading update?

117 days ago

Solid State – a buy for growth?

120 days ago

Yourgene – FY Trading update, Do the maths - this is incredibly good!

315 days ago

Norcros - first-half trading update, looks to remain good value

492 days ago

Purplebricks – you shout about good news you sit on bad news: keep selling

519 days ago

Mpac Group – trading update blames Brexit & all sorts, bank any remaining gains; sell

577 days ago

Chamberlin – full-year trading update, recovery commenced? BUY

672 days ago

Buy Veltyco at 89p, target to sell 125p+

703 days ago

Reach4Entertainment - 1:52pm Trading Update disappointment. BUT…

899 days ago

Alliance Pharma – half year trading update encourages, still a buy

941 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Ouzo time for me but a bad bathtime for an AIM CEO tonight

1097 days ago

Veltyco cracking update - increase targets

1097 days ago

FDM great trading update but we say take profits

1123 days ago

K3 Business Technology - a most disappointing profits warning but hang on

1129 days ago

Interquest another warning and another company chat

1169 days ago

K3 - very strong trading update, we are more than 100% ahead but still a buy

1179 days ago

Octagonal – a nice core business in GIS hindered by conflicts of interest and duff legacy investments, the Inspirit dog with fleas

1214 days ago

Begbies Traynor trading update - good but not great, but the shares are a buy

1242 days ago

Action Hotels Trading update - buy

1271 days ago

Safestyle, sod Brexit scaremongering, cracking trading update

1305 days ago

K3 Business Technology - Trading Update, our share tip 100%+ ahead but stance upgraded to buy

1312 days ago

Waterman - a cracking trading update: BUY!

1367 days ago

FDM Group - very strong trading update

1387 days ago

Broker SP Angel gives trading update as if we cared but what happened to Mkango?

1399 days ago

1Spatial solid trading update - buy

1445 days ago

Action Hotels Trading Update - stance upgrade to buy

1461 days ago

Buy Safestyle at 256p

1462 days ago

Strong trading update from Waterman - still a buy

1473 days ago

Spaceandpeople strong trading update - buy

1477 days ago

Petropavlovsk - Q4 Trading update: Buy

1482 days ago

Interquest Trading update - buy

1483 days ago

Distil - very pleasing trading update, still a buy

1487 days ago

Fox Marble Trading update - buy

1487 days ago

Very pleasing trading update from K3 Business where we are well over 100% ahead - more to come

1489 days ago

Solid but upbeat trading update from FDM, buy case intact

1490 days ago

Fitbug Trading Update - short on numbers, very short on cash..its fucked

1511 days ago

blur Quarterly Metrics Update – aka total bollocks from a cash burning Joke Company

1552 days ago

Shoe Zone - director sales, hmmmmm

1563 days ago

Stanley Gibbons Trading update - average down

1607 days ago

Iofina – time for another profits warning or bailout placing? Or both?

1617 days ago

IS Solutions - bullish trading update confirms another winning share tip, shares still cheap

1627 days ago

Adept Telecom - very pleasing trading update...but

1773 days ago

Avesco - more than pleasing trading update

1804 days ago

Vislink Bullish Trading Update - our faith vindicated

1810 days ago

K3 - solid trading update, on track - 35% more share price upside on this tip

1850 days ago

Empresaria very strong trading update - at least 25% share price upside

1852 days ago

Alliance Pharma Trading Update – all on track

1855 days ago

Cineworld Strong Trading Update leaves us well ahead on this share tip

1858 days ago

Mattioli Woods Trading Update - all on track

1902 days ago

Cineworld Trading Update – c20% share price upside

2053 days ago

Alliance Pharma – A Trading Update that is more than decent & a director share sale

2220 days ago

Electric Word – trading Update a Cue to buy

2253 days ago