#Syria - #Notinmyname

856 days ago

Photo Article: The dysfunctional left applauds the Palestinans who execute gays at Gay Pride

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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Extra: USA bubble, boom or bust?

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12 young Americans in London – Boston bombings & thinking back to Lockerbie

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Weekend Video Postcard Number 18

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Not long to wait on the US Election but it still does not matter!

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Mitt Romney (Syria) : will you never learn?

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Just How Fat is America? Proof Nanny Statism does not work

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Debt Bomb – Great Video – well done Dominic Frisby

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Another reason Obama deserves to lose– not reading Reagan & his job non-creation

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Independence day – Top 10 Americans you are glad do not live in the UK

2962 days ago