Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the stench of exploitation makes this uninvestable

84 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Brian McDonnell you poisonous & crooked leprechaun I shall see you and your USOP bitchez in Court!

88 days ago

US Oil & Gas - its still avin a bubble

1154 days ago

US Oil & Gas raises $771,000 - Good Money after bad

1221 days ago

Last Chance to Enter David Lenigas yacht & what is EBITDA contests - tonight

1233 days ago

Fraudsters at US Oil & Gas are avin a bubble -more pure gold comedy genius

1250 days ago

US Oil & Gas - is it time for comic relief already? The fraudsters excel themselves

1256 days ago

A Christmas cracker from the liars at US Oil & Gas

1339 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 24 September - in a good mood which makes me nastier than ever!

1430 days ago

US Oil & Gas 5 days to shareholder Death

1472 days ago

US Oil & Gas - Results and a placing statement which is simply untrue

1547 days ago

US Oil & Gas - the worthless shares are trading again, GXG shows its regulators are as useless as the rest

1550 days ago

US Oil & Gas - so when is the report into your lies due? When is insolvency?

1560 days ago

US Oil & Gas – the fraudsters are delusional

1619 days ago

The US Oil & Gas fraud – GXG markets shows up AIM for the casino it really is

1656 days ago

US Oil & Gas - Christmas cracker – Suspension & Full Regulatory Investigation

1712 days ago

US Oil & Gas – Last trade was at 34p – get out now while you can – target 0p.

1814 days ago

PLCs that are Good Investments Do not issue an RNS at 5.52 PM

1853 days ago

Brian McDonnell of US Oil & Gas you are a liar and a fraud and should go to prison

1853 days ago

A Good Guy from the Oil Sector - Matt Lofgran of Nostra Terra in video action

1853 days ago

US Oil & Gas – The Kilkenny Ramp, the jokes just keep on coming

1897 days ago

US Oil & Gas – why won’t wee Brian McDonnell accept some boardroom scrutiny?

1897 days ago

USOP Comedy Genius Liam McGrattan is coming to the AIM Cesspit – you could not make it up!

1904 days ago

US Oil & Gas – The Joke Continues

1910 days ago

US Oil & Gas Announcement - Sheer Comedy

2279 days ago

Friday Caption Contest (on a Sunday) - Greedy & Stupid Teachers Edition

2288 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on Sunday – US Oil & Gas Edition

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What would I do if I was a US Oil & Gas shareholder?

2295 days ago

Great Western Mining, the USOP fallout continues, drill results don't wash

2296 days ago

US Oil & Gas: Lie after lie after lie exposed – target price 0p

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US Oil & Gas Statement - An Irish Joke

2299 days ago

Gotcha:US Oil & Gas – Game Over – Company accused of lying by the State of Nevada

2302 days ago

US Oil & Gas – There’s nowt as deluded as a believer

2367 days ago