Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - the critical conflicts of interest that doom AIM to fail

86 days ago

Tom Winnifrith’s sixth share tip of the year 2015, buy Premaitha at a 19.5p offer

1656 days ago

New World Oil & Gas: The ShareProphets Style of Rooting out Fraud & lies Vindicated again – BB Morons weep

1740 days ago

Do Bulletin Board Morons Ever Learn or Ever apologise – discussion with top blogger Paul Scott

1758 days ago

Stellar Diamonds joins the list of presenters at Shareprophets Seminars - register NOW to priority book

1829 days ago

Vialogy: Reverse takeover, placing, shares unsuspended – strong buy

1856 days ago

Adam Reynolds, the Company Rescuer, Speaker No. 28 at UK Investor Show 2015

1878 days ago

Phorm Now “In Sights” – Target Price Buttons

1959 days ago

Human Psychology and why Vialogy is a buy

1986 days ago

Two Aim Cesspit chairman scalped in 3 months – who shall I go for next?

2065 days ago

Terry Bond is Junked – Vialogy chairman is my second scalp in three months: I WIN AGAIN!!!!!

2065 days ago

Another Open Letter to Terry “Junk” Bond of Vialogy

2073 days ago

Vialogy – the wheels are a turning

2077 days ago

Tom’s Video Postcard #48 – mega payoffs for failure at the BBC and across the public sector issue

2079 days ago

Pissed off Bulletin Board Morons are too emotional

2080 days ago

An Open Letter to Terry “Junk” Bond – Chairman of Vialogy

2084 days ago

Vialogy AGM – A complete shambles with Junk Bond humiliated & losing it

2085 days ago

Vialogy – Shock & Disgrace – Spin-off plan begs questions not applause

2086 days ago

Vialogy – AGM Tuesday: Time to Junk Terry Bond & Ask hard questions as insolvency looms

2087 days ago

Launched Today: Vialogy Shareholders – Time to Buy your Junk Bond T-shirts

2093 days ago

Reading the Reagan Diaries & thinking of Terry “Junk” Bond of Vialogy

2098 days ago

Bulletin Board Morons of the week – it’s a tie on the Vialogy boards!

2099 days ago

Video Postcard #45 – Gagging the Press Issue

2100 days ago

New article live: Vialogy - Dan Levi and I join the shareholder list - the gruesome twosome go into battle

2100 days ago

The Sefton 2 ride again: Vialogy officially "in sights" AGM bloodbath 29 Oct, Death in Nov?

2101 days ago

Vialogy – Bulletin Board Morons take another beating – awful finals and the smell of death

2114 days ago

Bulletin Board Moron of the week: J Bravo Esq on the ADVFN Vialogy Thread

2260 days ago

Vialogy "News" yadda yadda Yadda

2269 days ago

Vialogy – Promoting again: where’s the beef?

2286 days ago

Joke Company Vialogy – A few thoughts: shares to lose 90 Per Cent by August

2302 days ago

Vialogy – will Chevron really be the pay daddy?

2344 days ago

Vialogy – Placing at 1.25p – why cannot these shysters just tell the frigging truth?

2348 days ago

Norovirus bug a real pain – it meant a day in the kitchen at Real Man Pizza

2377 days ago

Vialogy – Cynicism Bordering on Exploitation (of shareholders): Sell

2380 days ago

Christmas carols for Sefton Resources, the EU, Vialogy and the Modern World

2395 days ago

The Unusual Timing of Company Announcements

2399 days ago

Zak Mir reviews Letters from the Chestnut Tree Cafe

2399 days ago

Vialogy – Bizarre Statement: Pre placing Ramp Alert & Christmas Vialogy Carols

2399 days ago

Link up with a FTSE 100 stock? The Pursuit Dynamics, Vialogy, Proteus 3 card gambit – Adele is singing soon

2401 days ago

A Magnificent Six Oil shorts for today

2421 days ago

Video Postcard Number 16

2422 days ago

Martin Wickham – Mad Hatter & Vialogy shareholder

2425 days ago

Terry Bond Chairman of AIM listed Vialogy is a liar – sell down to 0.1p

2426 days ago

Vialogy Joke Company – Pre Placing Ramp Underway – Sell

2427 days ago