A Christmas Present from sister N who like the BBC believes in a made-up country which is not Narnia

30 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Audioboom's placing tomorrow, 6 reasons why it is a bargepole stock, the corruption of the deadwood press & silly Kelly Tolhurst MP

338 days ago

Pocohontas for President – a wet dream for Republicans & other Deplorables

393 days ago

Desperately stupid virtue signalling academic of the day: History Professor Tanja Bueltmann of Northumbria

411 days ago

Kleenex drops ManSize tissues because they are sexist, but surely they are still racist and size-ist?

467 days ago

After gender pay mania now wretched Theresa May wants a race audit – she must go now!

474 days ago

Video - tasting condoms, where your BBC license fee goes....

481 days ago

More Tory virtue signalling (helping women entrepreneurs) – what utter tossers

493 days ago

And now the PC bastards want to ban Zulu because it’s racist – natch

580 days ago

LinkedIn's selective data use to mislead about the bad effects of Brexit

637 days ago

Greedy BBC trougher Sarah Montague just does not get it - her words betray her false sense of entitlement

660 days ago

Another massive switch off for the Oscars - I'm not alone in finding liberal millionaire virtue signalling nauseating

693 days ago

97.5% of Irons are not Irons - West Ham virtue signals again

713 days ago

One of life's little treats, a spectator sport for we on the right: Trans vs radfem

716 days ago

#EndFGM, the useless virtue signalling weasels of Surrey Police cry "Islamaphobia"

721 days ago

West Ham virtue signalling for the Irons - I don't give a damn, I just want them to win tonight

795 days ago

Don't Give to #ChildreninNeed - give it to a real charity instead

802 days ago

My father: the best customer of the Bulgarian Big Issue seller in a silver Mercedes

869 days ago

A letter to today's Guardian - my father asks if this is irony..don't kid yourself Dad

894 days ago

Tories 4 the TransGender Community - The New Big Idea in the Big Tent - Gosh these folks are pathetic

919 days ago

Photo Article: The dysfunctional left applauds the Palestinans who execute gays at Gay Pride

934 days ago

Is this the most shameful Guardian article & headline in history - virtue signalling as thousands of young girls are raped

936 days ago

London's useless Mayor Khan gets his economic knickers in a twist virtue signalling about gay bars

936 days ago

Sally Jones: stay and die in Raqqa or maybe live with Gary Lineker, we don't want you back on Benefits Street UK

937 days ago

The media & political bubble dwellers lie, smear and dissemble over the DUP Tory deal but do you really care at all?

946 days ago

Online virtue signallers at Avaaz tell me to vote Labour tactically in Bristol East but they can't add up

986 days ago

Can I be a victim too? Virtue signalling is such fun as I suffer a hate crime at Gatwick

999 days ago

Graham Norton & Jonathan Ross discuss masturbating on an aeroplane for Comic Relief

1038 days ago

My father's reading material - we are a modest family

1059 days ago