Photo Article: Flood Report from the Welsh Hovel - the Bridge to England

2 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel - the River Dee rises to reach the first barn

4 days ago

Photo Article - a Woodlarks training walk up the River Dee

35 days ago

Photo Article update from the Welsh Hovel - a sight to delight daughter Olaf

35 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Not grabbing Mrs Chav's Pussy and as Julie Meyer threatens myself and Nigel Wray - how I will respond

58 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I'm not joking, the Mrs and I are looking at buying a house in the developing World, that is to say Wales

263 days ago

And now the PC bastards want to ban Zulu because it’s racist – natch

355 days ago

Have bleating Welshies and Moaning Police nothing better to do than investigate Rod Liddle?

432 days ago

My taxes to go Welsh 7 year olds on Brexit

452 days ago

For my father and I it was a great day as both our rugby teams won but its a history fail for the BBC

477 days ago

The Graph that shouts: Wales & Northern Ireland your time is up - bugger off & take Scotland with you

752 days ago

End St Patrick's Day to combat white racism

820 days ago

Wales vs Ireland - at least Olaf is happy, I watched Miss Marple

827 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Grinding Poverty & Shit Internet in Wales & How the Mitie are fallen ( or soon will be)

880 days ago

Nicola Sturgeon: why would the EU want Scotland? it has enough basket cases and idlers already

1064 days ago

Let Them eat Cheap Easyjet Cakes: Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones: some are more equal than others says the snivelling liar

1071 days ago

Almost three million made up names & folks who don't understand democracy demand 2nd Brexit vote - Wankers!

1086 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: My wife's sneering, patronising, elitist, lefty pals drive me up the wall

1088 days ago

Tom Winnifrith postcard: the myth of privilege, public schools and that all state schools are the same

1105 days ago

Guardian & Observer hypocrite Carole Cadwalladr & the myth of working class comprehensives

1107 days ago

Is everyone in Wales mainlining State support? Can they even wipe their own arses?

1144 days ago

Want to slash the deficit Mr Osborne? Simple: Axe Scotland

1183 days ago

Reneuron, the £8 million bribe & Sheep Shagger economics of madness

1210 days ago

What do you cook for a nutty Vegetarian such as Malcolm Stacey?

1362 days ago

Come on Fiji – I am 100% behind you

1368 days ago

St George’s Day – whose refuge is patriotism

1515 days ago

My father and I are sent to purgatory by St Peter – thoughts on the rugby

1555 days ago

The Four Reasons I shall support Wales vs England today

1592 days ago

How to Make Money Out of Shares You Know Little About. Ref: IQE

1608 days ago

My Christmas Tree Prize Competition

1646 days ago

Picture Report from the Greek Hovel Number 14 – Porn for my Welsh Friends

1795 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #66 – Scottish Independence would be good news all round

1835 days ago

AIM Cesspit Posterboy Arian Silver & its shocking lack of disclosure

1914 days ago

Come on Wales, Reflections on Ireland – Paul you are too calculating show Celtic loyalty!

1926 days ago

The Mrs Catnaps my cats who are now officially Indian

1927 days ago

A Mixed sporting weekend – Ireland, Wales & West Ham

1940 days ago

I am Off to Wales v France – who to support?

1942 days ago

When did Ireland & West Ham both win on the same day last? Er…7 days ago

1954 days ago

Arian Silver – More Bullshit from the Sheep shaggers as Uber Expensive Funding announced

2152 days ago

IQE Trading update - as cheap as chips?

2153 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on a Sunday (thanks to Jim Ellerton)

2156 days ago

Tom Milks a Goat Video - It is not easy

2157 days ago

Sales of Porsche Cayenne’s in Larissa (Greece)

2171 days ago

My Welsh Daughter and Sheep Jokes

2191 days ago

Off to Berlin with the Stag & Hen Parties

2213 days ago

Olivia starts to learn Welsh

2252 days ago

Kay Larsen PR prude at College Group PR, Pornography, Cheryl Cole, sheep shagging and Advanced Computer Software

2273 days ago

Ireland Rugby Humiliation – what can I say?

2283 days ago

Greetings to all my Welsh Readers: Happy St David’s Day

2299 days ago

A apology to the entire Welsh nation

2300 days ago

Ireland vs. England – God vs. Pub

2318 days ago

Olivia won’t be happy – Wales vs Ireland

2325 days ago

No Blogging or Tweeting Saturday – It Is My 45th Birthday & I am having the Day Off

2347 days ago

Reading v West Ham: Match Preview

2361 days ago

When in Wales...

2408 days ago