Waiting for crooked Hillary Clinton on the BBC Women's Hour - are its listener's mad?

989 days ago

The State that knows Crooked Hillary Clinton best shows American the way: latest Arkansas polling sets 44 year record

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Clinton Poll Collapse among young voters: the more they learn about Crooked Hillary....

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The British liberal Media wants to bury Trump so ignores the polls - The Donald is surging

1413 days ago

Wakey wakey liberal British Media - the real breaking story is not Trump gaffes but Crooked Hillary's Crookedness

1420 days ago

Trump surges to four point lead post Cleveland - Beltway media calls it wrong again

1438 days ago

BBC Bashing of Donald Trump - just how out of touch and dishonest can it be?

1443 days ago

Only a superscandal can now stop Clinton lining up to get beaten by Trump in November

1484 days ago

Just two weeks to stop crooked Clinton handing the White House keys to Trump

1503 days ago