Channel 4 Fake News talks of Austerity until 2025 - why are these folks so utterly dim or mendacious or both?

1181 days ago

My father Suffers A Day of NHS Incompetence, at least Dr Harold Shipman was efficient

1544 days ago

Tom Winnifrith St Valentine Bearcast - debt is toxic & braced for a day with public sector shirkers (my family)

1567 days ago

#EndAusteritynow - bollocks from hyprocrites and inumerates

1809 days ago

Money Tree worshipping mad leftie Malcolm Stacey talking rot again

1833 days ago

Weekly Caption Contest – White Dee Edition

2291 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on a Monday Edition – Polly Toynbee and the Grim North edition

2425 days ago

Weaning my Deluded Lefty Partner away from Labour (The People’s Party)

2588 days ago