The sad decline of Oxford University: woke Dr Jennifer Cassidy on The US Constitution

1 day ago

Laughing with my father as I give this present to his carer E

4 days ago

A woke BBC reports on the woke National Trust slavery & colonialism apology with fake news

6 days ago

Go Woke Go Broke: Rabble Books and Games in Perth kicks Harry Potter into touch

11 days ago

Go woke go broke: Netflix and its Cuties content for paedophiles

18 days ago

Go woke go broke: The National Trust takes a knee for BLM and fails its history GCSE big time

33 days ago

Songs of Praise boss Cat Lewis - another rich guilty white liberal who the BBC should sack at once

34 days ago

Go woke go broke - photo article from Wales: Ben & Jerry's

37 days ago

Go woke Go Broke – Ben and Jerry’s, Unilever, Priti Patel and the stench of hypocrisy

39 days ago

Woke Britain – it is ching ching for the 1% and you and I pay for it: Meet Sandra Bates

40 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: It's all about cash as the real economy tanks

66 days ago

Debate is hatred - Alt Left MP Nadia Whittome wants to trample on free speech

67 days ago

Why is the Government urging school kids to read hate peddling fake news at The Day – JK Rowling apology non edition

68 days ago

Virtue signalling in the era of Covid - daft feminists play the victim again. Yawn.

69 days ago

What is the army for? WokeTory MP for Wrexham, Sarah Atherton, yanks my chain again

83 days ago

Weeping Woke web warrior Claira Janover blames Trump supporters for job loss after threatening to stab people

89 days ago

Black Lives Matter, White Lives Matter, White Lives Don’t matter – free speech & double standard in 2020

93 days ago

The Madness of the Leftwaffe woke twitter mob - #BoycottDominos

105 days ago

First they came for the statues, then they came for the comedy: as Fawlty Towers is banned the woke revolution rolls on

110 days ago

RBS boss Alison Rose will surely get a gong for this: risking £1 billion of other folks cash on virtue signalling

245 days ago

Video: Laurence Fox, The Distance - will the Mrs dare admit to her friends?

253 days ago

Photo article: Another reason why the National Trust would have my grandfather, Sir John Winnifrith, spinning in his grave

261 days ago

Photo article: Bad News for @TitaniaMcGrath – she has a rival as the UK’s leading woke poet

267 days ago

Fuck the IRA, Fuck James McClean & Fuck the FA for its racist slur against most Irishmen

271 days ago

A Christmas Present from sister N who like the BBC believes in a made-up country which is not Narnia

275 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: which is a bigger pile of pooh: the results from Zoetic or Star Wars

280 days ago

Star Wars, The Rise of Skywalker: woke, dull & boring

280 days ago

FREE Podcast: ShareProphets Radio Edition EIGHTEEN with Tom Winnifrith: stick another bird on the board to cover up that fraud

316 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: thank you, thank you, thank you & what does one do at "Woke" PC Christmas parties these days?

323 days ago

Justin Trudeau squirms on brownface scandal but is he disgraced?

365 days ago

Twitter bans the voice of woke - #FreeTitania

380 days ago

The battle to act like Marie Antoinette: Elton John vs Princess Meghan

406 days ago

San Francisco honours IRA butcher Martin McGuinness for his war record – a crazy cause too far

568 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: happy International Women's Day with Myra Hindley

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