The Remembrance day massacre the BBC and liberal elites won’t be remembering & want you to forget

616 days ago

Photo Article from the Greek Hovel - George says this is a World War One bomb

701 days ago

The annual poppy season madness is upon us, the lunatic left in full cry

992 days ago

The BBC resorts to fake news as it smears the AfD in Germany's election

1025 days ago

French Embassy London - shame on you for being lying EU loving froggie scumbags as you discuss #Passchendaele100

1080 days ago

World War One was utterly pointless - why is this so controversial?

1081 days ago

Amid Poppy fascism, Jeremy Corbyn is right to say WW1 was pointless

1719 days ago

Weekly postcard #113 - as a libertarian could I consider a war against ISIS a just war?

1880 days ago