Union Jack Oil at 0.21p worth 0.55p?

358 days ago

Echo Energy – a dangerous mix warns City’s No 1 oil analyst

420 days ago

TomCo - damning assessment after latest discounted placing from City's No 1 oil analyst

469 days ago

Tomco: the ramp continues but with placing ahoy, the City's No 1 oil analyst far from convinced

472 days ago

Bahamas Petroleum – even with today's scumbag placing is time running out asks top oil analyst

475 days ago

A sobering statistic from the City's No 1 oil analyst

485 days ago

Mayan Energy – Sack Charlie Wood & the BOD or the shares are worthless

488 days ago

City’s No 1 oil analyst sticks knife into Mayan after latest bailout placing? Where is the cash going?

520 days ago

City's No 1 oil analyst comments on the AIM demise of Frontera

521 days ago

Pantheon Resources - throwing good money after bad

558 days ago

Frontera Resources - a fool and his money - top City analyst writes...

567 days ago

Tomco Energy - in the land of the blind...

577 days ago

Mayan Energy - appointing a new NED is not enough it's a chocolate teapot - sackings needed: top analyst

579 days ago

Top analyst says offer for Faroe Petroleum is too low

583 days ago

Top analyst says Georgian Government could and should terminate assets of Frontera

583 days ago

Laurel & Hardy Oil & Gas - Zac plunges in his bloodied knife & calls on shareholders to sack the board

587 days ago

Calling all Mayan Energy Shareholders – write to your chairman NOW. Here is the letter to email TODAY

612 days ago

Mayan – this stinks! Top analyst Zac Phillips on what is a monumental scandal

616 days ago

Frontera Resources - all is not as it seems, No 1 City analyst weighs in

626 days ago

Frontera: too little too late, Government should rescind licenses - Zac Phillips

628 days ago

Zac the Knife’s victim today – Zenith Energy

630 days ago

Richard Jennings - call on Mayan shareholders to sack Charlie Wood at Thursday GM - part 1

632 days ago

Mayan Energy: Statement is laughable, whole board must GO NOW says top analyst

632 days ago

Mayan Energy - CEO walks but the lunatics still run the asylum

635 days ago

Zac I know you are house broker but “you cannot be Serious” re Curzon Energy & Cabot

643 days ago

Top analyst: Frontera Resources management greed is "obscene", company “pollutes” the sector

644 days ago

Mayan Energy – placing inevitable warns the City’s No 1 oil analyst in damning email

649 days ago

SP Angel’s Zac Phillips wrong on Frontera as it prepares for another lie-fest on October 4

651 days ago

The reality of fracking in the UK and the looming energy crisis

708 days ago

Frontera Resources: Dismal operational update, cash crisis, Waseem & Zac stick in the knife

713 days ago

Mayan Energy – sack the entire board says No 1 oil analyst Zac Phillips

741 days ago

Frontera management team "unfit to run the company" claims No 1 oil analyst Zac Phillips

756 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - my heart goes out to Zac "the knife" Phillips at SP Angel - you poor bastard

765 days ago

Frontera Resources - another ramptastic release - So What?

768 days ago

Magnolia Shocker - to delist from the AIM casino - why is the board not being sacked?

770 days ago

Who is to blame for Nighthawk wipeout? Zac "The Knife" Phillips tells you

804 days ago

Don't buy into the Tomco spike - its shares are truly worthless

815 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Malcolm's in love with the ugliest girl in town, UKOG and other dogs

826 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: crack out the ouzo for Telit & Eqtec debaggings and the Optibiotix (good) news

828 days ago

Zac sticks his knife into Saffron (again) - damning comment

832 days ago

Is Pantheon at last starting to fess up?

846 days ago

Frontera Resources - why no live oil?

856 days ago

Mosman Oil & Gas - the Pump & Dump, naughty naughty Zac "the knife" & SP Angel

868 days ago

Frontera Resources - The No 1 Oil analyst not impressed

870 days ago

Magnolia - a death by 1,000 cuts

870 days ago

Mayan - its placing ahoy warns Zac Phillips after more bad news

882 days ago

Zac the Knife attacks Saffron again after today's (very bad) news - calls for boardroom cull

883 days ago

Nighthawk - not the end but the beginning of the end, Zac has warned you

889 days ago

Frontera Resources slammed for breaching disclosure guidelines and more

891 days ago

Don't buy into the Saffron hype warns the City's No 1 oil analyst Zac The Knife

892 days ago

Thank Donald Trump - At 10p, Curzon target price increased from 37p to 49p: Zac The Knife

903 days ago

Zac "the Knife" slates Pantheon Resources over complete lack of transparency

911 days ago

Mayan Energy, the dump after the pump - Zac "The Knife" Phillips has 14 questions for the shysters

958 days ago

Canadian Overseas - Zac sticks the knife in (again) - "financing folly"

961 days ago

Zac "The Knife" on Pantheon Resources... exactly Mr Maestro

992 days ago

Buy Curzon Energy at 8p - target 17p or 37p

992 days ago

Zac The Knife - a waspish sting for Magnolia dog

995 days ago

Cenkos on Echo Energy - the most damning & funny broker comment in history?

1063 days ago

Frontera Resources - Management are selfish greedy pigs - or words to that effect from Zac The Knife

1095 days ago

Saffron Energy - The City's No 1 oil analyst Zac Phillips sticks his knife in and he has a point

1100 days ago

Lies, smears & blackmail: Loathsome Rita tries to cling on at Magnolia Petroleum

1102 days ago

Magnolia Petroleum Part 1:-Back Zac "The Knife" Phillips and Sack Rita Whittingham

1110 days ago

The Polite way of saying that the management of Nighthawk are clueless gits with crap assets

1254 days ago

Nighthawk Operational Update - Zac The Knife puts management "on notice"

1309 days ago

Tethys Petroleum: its lights out by Christmas, Zac "the Knife" reads the riot act

1317 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: talking to baby Joshua and watching a film about submarines

1324 days ago

Zac "the Knife" Phillips accuses Pantheon Resources of over-egging the pudding - damning note

1343 days ago

San Leon at 44.75p - worth 101p to 120p says SP Angel in 100 page report ( you aren't meant to read, peasants)

1368 days ago

Nighthawk - Top Oil Analyst Zac "The Knife" Phillips says it has misled investors again

1377 days ago

Frontera Resources: Management views shareholders with disdain, shares on watch list for death

1438 days ago

Trinity in takeover talks, SP Angel fingers runners & riders including LGO, shareholders will be screwed come what may

1448 days ago

Premier Oil: covenants breached, Falklands assets will go warns SP Angel

1450 days ago

Aminex: "Shabby" Management has betrayed Shareholders says SP Angel

1450 days ago

Trinity Exploration - will its $23 million tax black hole sink it for good? Or will something else sink it first?

1476 days ago

Nighthawk - another absolute savaging from mild mannered Zac at SP Angel

1477 days ago

Nighthawk savaged by a dead sheep - these shares are toast

1488 days ago

XCite Energy - SP Angel sticks the boot in and I agree, It is toast

1499 days ago