Wednesday February 22, 2017
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New Guest Post by Sam Bottell: The Major Gold Producers – a sector “steeped in mediocrity”

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- Tom Winnifrith

I spent two years working along Sam Bottell as he worked with and and he is a good, honest and clever chap. Now that he is starting his career freelance writing as well as an organiser of the UKInvestor Show I have no hesitation in helping him along via this blog as a guest contributor. As such I bring to your attention a share tip from TradingResearch Point on the major gold producers across the globe (85 of them). It is very interesting indeed.

Did you wonder why when gold was racing ahead to $1,700 most gold stocks failed to follow suit? You would think that operational gearing would have seen gold stocks racing ahead across the board. As a believer in gold heading past $2,000 within 12 months you would have thought that I would be universally bullish but those who have read my work will know that I am not. As such I thought it worth reprinting an excerpt from a note published this week by analyst Roger Bade of Whitman Howard who makes a very valid point.

Reviewing 85 gold producers from across the globe he finds just 11 that manage a 25% return on capital. That is truly dismal. Bade’s conclusion is that the obsession with stock promotion has led to an increasing focus on production targets and valuations based simply on per ounces in the ground rather than on what return investors might actually generate. He writes:

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