Thursday December 18, 2014
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Talk about being a caring boss…

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I really do look after my staff. Princess Leia reckoned that her fund manager boss was a bit of a tool. So we have had a good old lunch and I have just dumped him for her by email. But I am not a total bastard. I called him as well.

The things I do for my staff…no wonder some folks view me as the new Mother fucking Theresa


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Life as CFO in a failing company like Quindell: someone who has been there explains

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What is it like being Laurence Moorse, the FD at Quindell (QPP) as it goes down the swanny. I asked a gentleman now FD of a successful AIM listed company but who in a former life was parachuted into a quoted entity that he pretty soon realized was a can of worms, to explain. The experience still haunts him. His recollection will give you some idea of what life is like in Fareham right now.

What would my life be like? In a word, Shit! Actually 3 words. Unbelievably fucking shit. What would I be doing with my time? Simple, I would be focused on 2 areas (broadly defined and mutually overlapping) but here goes: 

The Day Job 

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The Englishman from Toumbia starts to “hear” Greek

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I do not speak Greek. And I cannot understand it. But given that virtually no-one in my home village of Kambos speaks English, I am exposed to it whenever I wander into town and I am now starting to “hear it.”

I was sitting opposite the olive factory with George the chief olive picker at the Greek Hovel as we waited out turn to drop off some olives. A little old lady, her back arched and curved and dressed in widows black opened the front door of her tiny house opposite, pulled out a chair and just watched the bags go in and out. She asked a question of George while looking at me and George replied. She nodded knowingly.

Whilst I did not understand the question I can guess what it was since the answer was “He is the Englishman who lives in Toumbia.”  The lady’s response indicates that folks in Kambos know that there is an Englishman in Toumbia, that is to say me.

Toumbia is not actually a place.

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Tom Winnifrith Emails Rob Terry of Quindell & Cohorts with advice

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In light of today’s revelation that a Class action is heading towards Quindell, the fraudster Rob Terry and others I have just sent a friendly email to Terry, Laurence Moorse and folks whose firms may well become co-defendants in a class action suit:  Peter Shea of Daniel Stewart, Bobbly Hilliam at Cenkos, Emma Kane at RedleafPolhill and Victoria Geoghehan at Bell Pottinger. Gents & ladies it is payback time...hope you all have good lawyers.

Ref class action 

Dear All 

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EXCLUSIVE: Lost Money on Quindell: Class Action against Quindell PLC, Rob Terry, Laurence Moorse to be launched

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Law firm YourLegalFriend will tomorrow launch an initiative aimed at pursuing both Quindell PLC and its current board of directors as well as Rob Terry in order to get back the vast losses suffered by investors in Quindell.

Yourlegalfriend is a well-established firm of lawyers run by Colin Gibson, a KPMG-trained accountant (nearly 10 years with the firm), who was later a listed company FD then CEO on first a main list then an AIM listed company for a total of around 8 years.

I have spoken to Mr Gibson and he understands the issues and is serious in pursuing this matter.  I have urged him to widen the action into pursuing Canaccord, Cenkos, Daniel Stewart, Redleaf PR, Bell pottinger and KPMG and he states that as more evidence emerges that the scope of the action is likely to be widened. The release that will be issued tomorrow follows. I urge all Quindell shareholders who have lost money on this fraud to contact Mr Gibson and his team first thing tomorrow.



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Quindell – The Silence on the Nomad issue & share suspension is deafening

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If Quindell (QPP) was not in serious trouble with its Nomad Cenkos and facing an imminent suspension of trading in its shares it would have issued an RNS today. It did not. That deafening silence must set alarm bells ringing in the heads of even the dimmest of shareholders - are you reading Tom Dobell at M&G because that means YOU!

The Sunday Times said yesterday that Quindell was urgently seeking a new Nomad. Improbably sources close to Quindell said this was because it wished to draw a line in the sand. As I explained yesterday this is patent bollocks – see HERE.

My sources tell me that Cenkos has indicated to Quindell

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Tom Winnifrith's BearCast - 15 December, Quindell not mentioned once!

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It's a first. A daily podcast not mentioning Quenron (QPP) at all. But for the record its shares dived by 7.2% to close at just 38.5p. Only 38.5p to go to fair value. Instead I discuss Ludorum, Mysale, Naibu, China Chaintek, Enables IT, Ultrasis, Touchstone Gold, Beacon Hill, LGO and why I remain an equities bear. However I reveal a very small AIM company in which we have just made a material (for us) investment.

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The more I travel First Great Western the more I hate it

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I arrived at Bristol Temple Meads for the 4.47 AM in good time but a bad mood. My driver at V cars had attempted to sting me with a £1.80 penalty for getting into his cab at 4.26 AM – six minutes after it was booked for. By the clock in his cab – which tallied with the clock on my phone - that meant he had managed the journey door to door in five minutes which is impossible. I queried him – as a V-Cars regular - and he relented at once. He was trying it on and knew that I knew that he was trying it on.

Instead of handing over a tenner and not asking for change as is my wont I dutifully counted out the now agreed £8.50 exactly and handed him a pocket full of change. He was grumpy and so was I.

Inside Temple Meads the ticket machines were today both not functioning properly. That is to say they were not taking cash. Since my battered old cashpoint card is not accepted by FGW ticket machines although it works in ATMs from Cork to Kalamata, I always use cash on the train. I wandered onto the concourse, explained and a big burly man said that it would be okay to pay on the train.

Sitting comfortable at 4.42 AM the “train manager” announces that this is a penalty fare zone” and that if any passenger does not have a ticket they must return to the machines in the ticket hall to buy one. The message is repeated in threatening tones.

But there’s a hole in my bucket dear Liza, dear Liza, there’s a hole in my fucking bucket why is it that the ticket machines at Bristol Temple Meads never ever work properly you bastards. And so I sit here tapping away awaiting my fate.

Postscript: The Ticket collector was most understanding and I seem to have escaped the “penalty fare zone.” FGW is not all bad.




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Champagne Charlie Gibson of Edison: screw the poor, in fact screw everyone

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Who said that mining analysts were dull? When not writing the worst research notes in history, or getting smashed and then giving members of the working classes a damn good thrashing, it appears that Honourable Edward Charles d'Olier Gibson, son of the 4th Baron Ashbourne is having a spot of bother with the ladies.

Now estranged from his upper class fishwife and F-list TV celeb Mrs Tanya Beckett, champagne Charlie seems to have been enjoy a bit of a bachelor lifestyle in his Belgravia hunting grounds, ironically assisted by the fact that he has had to wear an electronic tag and been subject to a 9 PM to 5 AM curfew for the past year.

For it seems that mining guru Charles was dating two perfectly blameless young ladies promising that both had a great future with him. With lady A he would discuss exploring new zones until while 8.30 playing away, before explaining he had to be back home before the curfew kicked in. And then he was free to discuss shaft positioning back at his Belgravia mansion with lady B until dawn broke.

And so this happy arrangement has continued for the past year

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