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The Welsh just like being spanked by Nanny State at 20 mph – reports from the last village in Wales

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 24 April 2024

There was a recent survey showing that those, like myself, living in the rain sodden post industrial second world nation of Wales were among the most depressed in the world and one of the reasons cited was the rollout of 20 MPH speed limits. They are absolutely everywhere. The overpaid political midgets in the Senedd left it to the discretion of local councils as to where to apply the new limits and the power-hungry non-entities who run local councils across this once fine land could not wait to impose the limits everywhere they could.

Folks who cannot get a proper job or are too old to do more than walk slowly to the Post office to collect their pension, try to justify their bloated allowances for being local councillors by grabbing any tiny bit of additional power they can get.

And among the wider population, the sort of folks who really enjoyed not only having to wear masks and engage in other utterly pointless social distancing rules during the scamdemic and who would piously berate those of us who pointed out that there was no data backing these measures, were delighted. They love a Nanny state telling them wat to do. In a quirky sado-masochistic way, far too many of the sheep shaggers just like being beaten and punished by big Government.

Now the Welsh Government is rowing back on the 20 MPH limit. Former first minister, the idiotic Mark Drakeford, had insisted that the limit would save lives, which, as I pointed out HERE, was just tosh. So now I guess the Government, by its own twisted logic, wants to save fewer lives? 

But how far will the actual backtrack go?  The Government says that it will consult with local authorities on a route by route basis from July. Do you honestly expect the power mad pygmies at Wrecsam Council to backtrack on anything?  There may be tinkering at the edges but most 20 MPH roads will remain.

Here in  the last village in Wales the council enthusiastically turned the main street into a 20 MPH road from a 30 MPH road. It passes no school, no old folks home and you have the lunacy that as soon as you get half way across the bridge over to the infidels in England you can speed up to 30 MPH.  So how have the locals reacted? Over on the village facebook page the following comment appeared:

When the time comes, I hope the Community Council will make representation to the right authority that Holt keeps the 20mph limit at least around the Cross and the school

With a raft of likes, the poster then doubled down with

We should then appeal to have 1. Speed bumps as they have in Farndon (England), 2. Automated sign that lights up with the speed you are doing (quite effective from my experience) or 3. Speed cameras (probably more expensive)

I thought about it long and hard and eventually replied

Even more cameras, just what this country needs, might the Community Council also arrange for us to twin up with a village in North Korea?

Oddly, on this occasion, there was no two minute hate for Emmanual Goldstein Winnifrith. But my post garnered few likes. The sad truth is that far too many folks here in Wales want more speed limits, speed bumps, cameras, Police enforcement.  It is not as if the cops do anything if your house is being burgled or if, as a journalist, you are threatened by an ex Israeli army soldier batting on behalf of a fraud. No… they need to bang someone to rights for driving at 23 MPH. Important work. Keep it up chaps.

These folks want a bloated and inefficient Big State aided by petty officials on the Council to boss them about and intrude into every aspect of their life. And if anything goes wrong with this oppressive and costly set up you can just, refuse to take any responsibility and blame it all on the bloody English.

Welcome to Wales.

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