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Tom Winnifrith postcard: the Ukraine Russia war as the USA rejects peace and the American Election gets worse and worse for Biden

I start with the latest peace plan rejected by the West. What is America’s plan B as Ukraine loses more and more ground and men? Then to two interesting aspects of the Ameroican election in the swing states: the Muslim vote organising and voter registrations.

Sunday 26 May 2024

Who hates Jews more: Ken Loach or the Guardian?

I bring you the tweet below from the wretched Guardian. It seems that Corbynite filmmaker Ken Loach has quit as patron of a small London cinema over an “Israeli film festival screening.” That is just a tad misleading.  The screening is of a film, a film about a festival. Yes it is the Nova festival where on October 7 2023 hundreds of young Israelis were raped, sodomised, beheaded, shot, abducted and the film presents footage of that day.  That Loach quits as he cannot bear to see his Hamas rapist pals in action is in character for loathsome Ken. That the Guardian deceives with its headline, making it sound like a normal BDS protest against a new Israeli movie is equally predictable but still disgraceful. 

Friday 24 May 2024

The brother of a man murdered by the NHS writes about "the envy of the world"

A long long time ago I used to work for Richard Kellett-Clarke. He always struck me as an honest and decent man but I never knew his back story. In the wake of the infected blood scandal Richard posted on LinkedIn and his very moving but harsh words deserve a far wider audience. He writes….

Wednesday 22 May 2024

Tom Winnifrith Postcard: Israel, the ICC and the US election

Normally, in this podcast series, I start with the Ukraine war and how it is going and what that means for the US election. I give Ukraine a few minutes then it is on to Israel, the ICC and its arrest warrants. I explain why it is all wrong and why folks like Labour MP Zara Sultana are either misguided as to facts or Jew haters or both.  President Biden agrees with me but it will not save him in the Election, if indeed he is still running at that point. I discuss an amazing poll out this week and how the Gaza conflict is helpful for Trump not Biden. It is looking ever bleaker for Biden.

Wednesday 22 May 2024

Tom Winnifrith Podcast: USA Election and the Russia Ukraine war - the grim news for Presidents Biden and Zelensky accelerates

I start with a few words on President Carter. Then on the ground in Ukraine things are looking ever more grim and that only adds to the woes of President Joe Biden.I discuss some amaing recent poll data on the swing states, three of which now look rock solid red, why blacks and hispanics are swinging towards Trump and wonder what real 5 way polling in Virginia, Minnesota and New Jersey would look like: are these blue states now swing states?

Thursday 16 May 2024

The BBC just lies about the war in Ukraine to cover its tracks

It is not just in Kharkov oblast in the far North East of Ukraine where Russia is advancing. Across the front line only one side is going forward and that side is Russia. Advances are not big but they are steady, day by day, village or part of village by village, the Russians are moving West. Next up, I suspect is the battle for Chasov Yar, the next big town to the west of “fortress” Bakhmut, where Russian troops are advancing pincer like on two fronts and where battles in the outskirts, the “Canal District” are now underway.  Yet the western media is in denial as its past lies catch up with it.

Wednesday 15 May 2024

Tom Winnifrith Podcast: Russia, Ukraine, the American election and Stormy Daniels

I start by reminding you all why the war in Ukraine and the US election are so closely tied up and also why I get so angry being lied to. I discuss what is happening on the front line and reports I am hearing of how casualty numbers are far greater than we are being told. Then as Stormy Daniels takes the stand in New York I look at that and other Donald Trump legal cases, a fascinating poll in Wisconsin, who Kennedy is hurting the most and how things look set for November.

Thursday 9 May 2024

Really torn on how to vote today here in Wrexham

The only poll is for the North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner. I have no idea who the (Labour) incumbent is but I know that the Police are beyond useless. When a man hired by an investor in a fraud I was exposing threatened to get me, said he was an ex Israeli army soldier and was just a couple of miles away, the Police refused to act to protect me and my family. When Julie Meyer, wanted by the High Court with an arrest warrant, said my articles exposing her crimes were harassment, the Filth came to interview me. But if I do 23 MPH I know I will be clocked and punished. So, to say that I hold North Wales Police in utter contempt would be an understatement.

Thursday 2 May 2024

Tom Winnifrith podcast: Russia, Ukraine and the American Election

In the latest of these series I start in Ukraine where things are getting rapidly worse for the home team. I look at what is happening and what will happen next. That is linked to the US election where I look at the swing state polls, discuss the Trump show trials and how US voters perceive then, Robert Kennedy jr and who his candidacy hurts most and conclude that things are looking ever better for President Trump. Things can change but as things stand the smart money is so much on trump that I ponder what happens if polling trends continue theoir recent run up to the Democrat convention. Will Biden throw in the twel at that point? What happens then?

Wednesday 1 May 2024

Sheep farming not the slave trade financed the Industrial revolution!

Folks like Sadiq Khan, David Lammy, the BBC, The Guardian and all the other professional race baiters insist that slaving profits made Britain rich via the industrial revolution and thus all we white folks, including people like me with Wilberforce DNA, must pay reparations to black people even if like the ubiquitous Alex Scott they are descended from slave owners. This narrative is also taught to our kids in schools and universities. But is it correct?  A new publication out today uses what the race baiters and academia opt to ignore: FACTS.

Wednesday 1 May 2024

Photo Article of my kids at their English Chapel: odd one out contest?

My youngest children pictured below both identify as Welsh, quite fiercely in the case of Joshua who is now a proficient Welsh speaker. But they attend chapel with the Mrs, just over the border in England. So, with that clue, which is the odd one out? The kids at Chapel last week, Magdalen College Oxford or Nottingham in 2023?

Monday 29 April 2024

The Welsh just like being spanked by Nanny State at 20 mph – reports from the last village in Wales

There was a recent survey showing that those, like myself, living in the rain sodden post industrial second world nation of Wales were among the most depressed in the world and one of the reasons cited was the rollout of 20 MPH speed limits. They are absolutely everywhere. The overpaid political midgets in the Senedd left it to the discretion of local councils as to where to apply the new limits and the power-hungry non-entities who run local councils across this once fine land could not wait to impose the limits everywhere they could.

Wednesday 24 April 2024

Every Year this happens in the garden here at the Welsh Hovel

Though health issues leave me behind schedule in the garden I saw last night that my peas, garlic, shallots, onions and radishes are all poking through and are on track. There is no sign yet of the early spuds or beetroot and this week the kids and I plant leeks, carrots and a second helping of peas. The strawberries and fruit bushes look set for another bumper crop and we already have a glut of rhubarb. However, the annual humiliation has hit me again.

Tuesday 23 April 2024
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