Tuesday June 27, 2017
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Just to make my BB critics happy – I become a waiter for a night

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- Tom Winnifrith

One common refrain from one or two of my Bulletin Board non admirers (shorthand: morons) is that I should stop writing on shares and go and serve pizzas full time at The Real Man Pizza Company.

Well just to make them happy, I was a waiter last night.

Tuesday evening is normally pretty quiet at RMPC and so there is only one waiter on duty. But last night not only did we have a party of 25 from ADVFN in but we also seemed to have a stack of other tables booked. I was rather looking forward to sitting down with the ADVFN crew and getting sloshed at the expense of chairman Hodges as his staff drank almost all of our stock of Curious Bew and discovered the delights of a chocolate pizza. But needs must…

I am not sure that I am a very good waiter. I have yet to work out how to use the till. And when i am told “for table 16” I might as well be receiving instructions in Serbo-Croat. My handwriting is poor and so has to be translated when I take a chit back to the kitchen. But making no bones about being a complete amateur, I hope that my buffoonish self deprecation offset my general ineptitude. I do jokes. However, I am sorry to disappoint the morons. There is no plan to make this a full time shift but just for one evening it was fun.

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