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5 days ago

Have you been screwed by Dragon Sarah Willingham today?

If you have invested in the IPO of her Nightcap (NGHT) company on AIM I suggest that you have been. This company could go bust by the summer and should never have been allowed on the Casino. What on earth have Nomad Allenby and AIM Regulation been smoking?


31 days ago

BREAKING: Octagonal – another departure from the AIM casino and more egg on face for Britain’s most useless FD Nilesh Jagatia

You cannot say that I have not warned you all so many times that Octagonal (OCT) would end in tears. Corporate Governance and related party deals involving boss John Gunn were shocking and Nilesh Jagatia is, without doubt, the worst FD on the AIM casino. Today came news of a delisting and the shares have collapsed by almost 70% to just 0.7p. I do hope that the Bulletin Board Morons who knew so much better than useless old Tom Winnifrith, were well lubed up.


34 days ago

Dragon's Den Sarah Willingham and her Nightcap float –a bargepole offering from Primary Bid

After the company’s PR firm managed to persuade another lacky journalist at the Sunday Times to do a massive puff piece for Nightcap, a firm run by Dragon’s Den Sarah Willingham, I am this morning invited to invest in the AIM Casino IPO via Primary Bid. Here is what the Sunday Times and other pliant hacks do not tell you and this is why “I’m out” on this one. I’d rather eat my own toenails than invest.


38 days ago

BREAKING: Cambridge University serves up damning data for Novacyt, today's IPO Abingdon Health and others

I accept that you might justifiably question a minor institution in the Fens which has historically only excelled in the production of homosexual Russian spies. But Cambridge University is not all bad and today it has served up data which should send shivers down the spine of those holding shares in Novacyt (NCYT) or planning to back the luducrous AIM Casino IPO, announced today, of Abingdon Health.


62 days ago

Letter to AIM Regulation: Powerhouse Energy must clarify investor deception & face formal censure

Over the weekend, I revealed the second reason why the RNS issued by cash-guzzling AIM Casino promote Powerhouse Energy (PHE) was grossly misleading. I have now written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation urging them to force Powerhouse and its shoddy Nomad WH Ireland to issue a full clarification and to face formal censure.


62 days ago

Lekoil of fake sheikh infamy – so when did the Nomad quit and why?

Lekoil (LEK) – the AIM casino company of fake sheikh infamy – has today announced that its Nomad, Strand Hanson, will quit with effect from 20 November, that is to say Friday. But fear not, discussions with another Nomad – one would assume the joint broker SP Angel which will act for anyone at all, no questions asked – are “advanced”.


130 days ago

Interims from Verditek show the lying mothers are more or less insolvent

Welcome Lord David Willetts to the world of turd polishing on the AIM casino and your first interim results at Verditek (VDTK). It’s time for some more share ramping and lying to investors as you guys really do need a bailout placing asap.


137 days ago

Limitless Earth – AIM’s worst FD strikes again with accounts that are sheer fantasy

Limitless Earth Plc (LME) has published its annual report for the year ended 31 January 2020 which was approved on 30 July 2020.  Readers might recall in my previous article I called out a number of issues with respect to the accounts as prepared by Nilesh Jagatia a man who is, without doubt, the worst FD on the AIM Casino. And the competition for that title is truly intense.


147 days ago

Photo Article: what to pour on my cornflakes as I consider the AIM demise of FastJet and its fascist bastard journalist smearing PRs at Citigate

Shares in FastJet (FJET) have today left the AIM casino so are now untradeable as well as, essentially worthless. Remaining investors face mega dilution or administration or most possibly both. Having warned folks extensively over the years about an operation first set up to smuggle tobacco and which just could not turn a legitimate cent I feel somewhat vindicated. But there is more… Citigate Dewe Rogerson and the half to £1 million of shareholders cash spunked on nothing!


185 days ago

EXCLUSIVE: EXPLOSIVE DOSSIER- £200m AIM darling Manolete could see shares collapse by two thirds!

This work is not mine. The author craves anonymity but the dossier below is excelllent, detailed and makes a compelling bear case for a darling of the AIM Casino. The author wants the work to see the light of day and so wishes it to go out in my name. If the company has any objections or wishes to get bully boy lawyers involved, it can direct them to me. We will see the bitchez in court! Enjoy. This is devestating.