Alexandra Galligan

428 days ago

And another thing about Supply’s new NED….

I showed earlier what a total lightweight Alexandra Galligan was. I find it hard to be too beastly about the new NED at the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME) as on Saturday we will both be cheering on the same team in the rugby. However, back to the charity where she is a trustee. The one that is 1135 days late in fling accounts. A co-conspirator has flagged up something else. This is not exactly Cancer Research…


430 days ago

Supply@ME Capital NED jumps after 9 months, replacement is a joke

It is yet another red flag at the fraud Supply@ME Capital. NED Andrew Thomas says he wants to pursue other business opportunities one hopes non criminal ones, and is jumping ship after just nine months. Supply bigs up his replacement Alexandra Galligan but if you life up the skirts of her CV…