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206 days ago

UPDATED: Tory MP Owen Patterson, an LGBT road crossing in Surrey and David Amess – the political class just don’t get it

Like, I suspect, many couples The Mrs and I stare at our fuel bills with horror. We discuss what the financial impact of higher mortgage rates will be when our current deal expires in 18 months time. I present the latest Tesco bill for her to see and it is shocking.  These are the grim financial realities we dirty plebs face in Britain 2021. And then we see our leaders, and other 1%ers, flying in private jets to Glasgow to lecture us on how we should not take an Easyjet trip to Greece next summer.  It is nauseating. COP26 may well be seen as yet another sign of how it is them and us. The murder of Tory MP David Amess was another.


1756 days ago

The fraudster's friend Vince Cable talks unmitigated drivel on Brexit

The last time I felt under attack from Sir Vince Cable was when he called on the FCA to deal with myself and fellow critics of that Great British company Quindell (QPP). As, even Sir Vince now knows, Quindell was the UK's biggest stockmarket fraud for 30 years, the regulators have thanked me for my work exposing it but Sir Vince worked hard with Lord Peter Hain of sleaze and others to get me sent to jail for market abuse.To the man who has predicted 17 of the last 4 recessions I say thank you once again for your efforts. Now he calls folks like me, hardline brexiteers, "jihadis" in an article in the Mail on Sunday which, even by the standards of that paper, is lie filled fiction.