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11 days ago

Prediction: The Euros will be the last time England take a knee

Who to support in the Euros?  There is no team from the island of Ireland and so it will be Wales which gets my backing as well as my normal second team, that is to say anyone playing against England. When Wales gets knocked out, maybe mother Russia is the team to back.


2329 days ago

How will I fund this weekend: £62.57 recovered!

I really cannot be bothered to walk down to the cashpoint machine at the bottom of the hill. It is too close to drive to but a bit of a schlepp to walk to. And so with the Mrs and her purse away how will I fund the essentials of this weekend: 40 Marlboro lights, a pint of milk and a cab fare to Bristol Temple Meads?

As another reminder of my student days it was a matter of rummaging in the pockets of my trousers and coat. What a lot of junk: a letter (unread) from my Aunt Lucy, my passport which  carry at all times in case I need to flee the country to escape the jihadists of the QPPSAG, used train tickets, an entry pass to Beaufort Securities, a good weighting of Euros but there was more…