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Greg Collier

88 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Ok Colin Bird you are now talking utter bollocks and are shameless, I have had enough

I start with Jubilee Metals (JLP) where I am way ahead but have had enough. The shares are cheap but I have had enough of Colin Bird spouting uttder bollocks. After today I now own more shares in this companmy than Bird but that is going to change. Soon, like me and Lance Armstrong with accepted Tour de France wins, we will be neck and neck. Then I look at Hawkwing (HNG), Babcock (BAB) and Conduity Capital (CCAP) run by scumbag Greg Collier.


1346 days ago

AIM dog Eastbridge goes bust having given all its cash to a conman on the run - who will take the rap for this f**k up?

Peterhouse Corporate Finance, Mr Greg Colliar, crap Nomad Northland, Mr William Vandyk are you sitting comfortably? You sure? Now read on for yet another horror story emerging from the AIM casino....


1652 days ago

BREAKING: Eastbridge Investments - now officially tits up: questions for Greg Collier?

Another filthy forty company has officially gone bust. Eastbridge Investments (EBIV), a company that was promising an RTO until just a couple of months ago has gone tits up. Its official. But will anybody ask any questions of those responsible. Let's name the guilty men. First the news of corporate death.


1745 days ago

Eastbridge - When will Greg Collier fess up about the Court case?

Nigel Somerville has already explained why Eastbridge Investments (EBIV) is toast in that it has no Nomad and sweet FA chance of completing an RTO in the next few days and thus avoiding being booted off AIM. But it gets worse: there is the matter of the Court Case.


1919 days ago

Eastbridge Investments suspended on AIM Casino - this stinks

Eastbridge Investments (EBIV) has in various incarnations losts its original shareholders more or less 100% since it joined the AIM casino. Its shares were suspended today on the back of an announcement that just stinks to high heaven.

The stock would have been suspended anyway today becuaser after 12 months it has failed to implement its remit as an investing company. The reason? CEO Greg Collier has pissed away all the cash. Eastbridge stated today in a candid fashion: