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Jane Austen

20 days ago

Photo Article Rogue Bloggers and the three bears and we finally catch Brian Basham

We sped past Jane Austen’s house and into Alton where I bring you a picture of three bears. No delays for the five rogue bloggers and at 4.10 pm, at 23 miles we caught up with 78 year old Fleet Street legend Brian Basham and his trainer J who had left Winchester five hours before us. We are now just nine miles from Woodlarks and the group is again splitting into fast and slow. Amazingly I am in the fast group. If you are yet to donate to the good cause please do so HERE.


399 days ago

Photo Article: Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks, 21 miles at Jane Austen's House at 3:04 pm

It is 3pm and the Rogue Bloggers are at Jane Austen’s house. So far they have walked 21 miles. There are now 13 walkers. Still no sign of Andrew Bell. Our target is to raise £48,000 but any more would be a bonus… Please support the Rogue Bloggers and Woodlarks with a donation HERE.


3376 days ago

Happy Birthday Tom Winnifrith

Not me, my father, 75 today and spending a couple of days in Lyme Regis to celebrate. My father is Thomas John Winnifrith, I am TJZ Winnifrith, my second sister TJA Winnifrith (you see the symmetry) and my third sister arrived, er…a bit later and so had to be named after a gorilla born in the local zoo that year – Naomi.

I digress, Happy Birthday to the man who brought me up single handedly from the age of eight. He will be celebrating with my step mother who is a very distant relation to the author most closely linked with the Dorset Town and on whom my scholarly father has written and lectured about now and again. I cannot say that I am a total Jane Austen groupie or that I’d opt to spend a birthday in Lyme Regis. Maybe when I grow up.