John McCain

2036 days ago

Will the Republicans win the mid-terms? The Red Wave looks good – best polls in almost 8 years as Dems self-destruct

The conventional wisdom of the liberal media is that the Democrats will regain control of the House and possibly also of the Senate in the mid-terms coming up in a few weeks and that this will be a body blow to Donald Trump.  Here’s something the BBC and Channel 4 “fake” news is not reporting – the latest poll numbers are just amazing.


2619 days ago

Fake News Alert - its the BBC again caught telling lies about Donald Trump

I am watching BBC World News which has just carried a clip of an interview with Republican grandee  John McCain, who explicitly stated that he does not think that Donald Trump wants to be a dictator and explicitly did not link a tweet of the POTUS to such a goal.  McCain is no friend of the Donald but the BBC cannot help itself. So flashing across my screen right now is:

McCain on Trump's tweet "that's how dictators get started"


2965 days ago

British Liberal media creams itself as proven Republican losers bash Trump but no-one else cares

You could sense how the BBC, Channel 4 News, The Guardian and the rest of the British liberal media creamed themselves last week as leading figures from the Republican establishment lined up to slam Donald Trump. For a moment the liberal media forgot that folks like Mitt Romney and John Mccain were evil right wingers, in their book anyway, and lauded them as great statesman.

As one, the only question the media pack lead by Emily Maitlis on Newsnight and the beltway liberal warrior Kylie Morris on C4, asked was "have the big beasts left it too late". That was, of course, the wrong question.

In case the liberal media had forgotten,