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3021 days ago

Enables IT – US contract win announced Monday shows the way: Buy at 37p – initial target 50p

Enables IT (EIT) the AIM quoted provider of cloud, managed and IT consultancy services formerly the dig known as Nexus, announced a $1 million contract in the US. Other similar deals are, I gather in the pipeline and this creature is starting to look like a solid fundamental buy.


3026 days ago

Q&A with Mike Wallis CEO of Enables IT

AIM Listed Enables IT (EIT) was formerly known as Nexus which in turn was formerly known as something else. Will its third incarnation after its second RTO turn around the fortunes of what historically has been a bit of a stock market dog. I met up with Mike Walliss the CEO of the enlarged network and IT solutions group to find out.


3126 days ago

Scoop: Bob Morton backs Enables IT (formerly Nexus) in £900,000 fund raise - acquisition imminent

A reliable market source tells me that legendary small cap investor Bob Morton has invested a material (if non disclosable) sum in a £900,000 fund-raising by AIM listed  Enables IT (EIT), the software business formerly known as Nexus. I understand that the funding will be at 36p and is due to be announced by the weekend.


3147 days ago

Enables IT - Something afoot?

Shares in AIM listed tech stock Enables IT (EIT) are ahead by 15% at 40p today prompting suggestions that something is afoot. That would come as something of a relief to shareholders in the company formerly known as Nexus which has been a serial disappointer.

My enquiries


3215 days ago

Enables IT (formerly Nexus) Upbeat AGM statement sets the platform

Enables IT (LSE:EIT) the AIM listed provider of network and IT solutions, has served up a pre-Easter AGM statement which is confident and appears to show that this could well be a great recovery play for 2013-15. Noting that there have also been some very hefty director share purchases of late, it is not surprising that the shares have moved ahead to 33.5p valuing the business at £5.31 million

Enables IT was a private business that engineered a reverse takeover of Nexus (LSE:NXS) last autumn as I described at the time, asking the valid question as to Enables would be any less of a dog than Nexus?
It is clear that Enables is different


3223 days ago

Enables IT (formerly Nexus) what is going on?

Shares in AIM listed tech stock Enables IT (EIT) formerly Nexus have zoomed ahead over the past few days and now trade at 32p valuing the business at £4.75 million. Notwithstanding that bounce this is still one of my least successful tips from my years at t1ps. At least I take some consolation from my efforts to remove the old management team who were useless and bring in a new team that has reversed a decent business into Nexus. Had that not happened I fear that this one would have gone under.

But why have the shares raced ahead? Simple.


3338 days ago

Farewell Nexus – Hello Enables IT: Will it be any less of a dog?

It has today been announced that the reverse takeover of long-term disappointment, IT managed services provider, Nexus Management has been completed and that the enlarged company has been readmitted to AIM as Enables IT Group (EIT). I need no reminding of what an appalling tip Nexus was for me. During my 12 year stint at MY average gain per tip was 42.7%. Nexus pulled down that average badly. So do we stick with the new group?


3365 days ago

Nexus – Reverse Takeover: Hope at last?

AIM listed IT services group Nexus (NXS) has been one of my most disastrous tips of all time. I recommended the shares at 0.89p in December 2006 and many times since on the site I founded and edited for 12 years until September 2012. My average gain per tip over 12 years and 240 tips would have been more than 42.7% had it not been for this shocker. The shares are now at 0.105p following news today of a Reverse Takeover and thus the lifting of a suspension on the shares. I can only apologise for what was a piss-poor tip. In my defence, one of my last acts as a piss poor fund manager was to force out the old management team. I am now more convinced than ever that had I not done this, the company would today be bust. But where now? Could this be a red hot penny share for recovery or is it still a dog?