Pink News

296 days ago

BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour on the distressingly white England Women’s soccer team and why the most lesbian packed sport needs more diversity

The starting XI of the Lionesses which won the European Championships last year was all white. There were folks of mixed race or of colour in the Squad but not the starting line up. And this is just unacceptable say those in the liberal media establishment.


346 days ago

Peter Tatchell define unanimous as in 75% - it is not drag that offends anyone, it is overtly sexualised shows in front of kids

I see my hero Peter Tatchell is tweeting a headline from the Pink News on how Britons “unanimously reject calls for bans on drag shows.  Tatchell thinks that those who oppose drag shows are “far right” and a tiny minority. I sense some fake news and a fake poll here. And I am right.


856 days ago

BREAKING: John Lewis pulls THAT advert, "Let Life happen" after FCA wades in

You will remember the advert, the one that sexualises a seven year old boy as he dresses up in his mum’s clothes and makeup and proceeds to trash her house. Agency Adam & Eve/DDB thought the advert edgy and, according to Pink News which says that only bigots can object to the ad: “the playful ad speaks to every gender non-conforming adult who was once a child sneaking into their parents’ closet. The traditionally “small c” conservative  customer base of John Lewis was probably not impressed and this will only have added to the woes of the loss making chain. But now the FCA has waded in and John Lewis has had to pull the ad.