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1609 days ago

Will anyone at Nomad FinnCap pay a penalty for its part in the massive Constellation AIM fraud?

FinnCap likes to tell us that it is one of London's leading Nomad's. Okay lets overlook the Silverdell scandal where it insisted that it did nothing wrong as the company misled investors who then lost all their money but how about Constellation Healthcare? This may be off your radar as this company delisted from AIM in January 2017. But this is a massive scandal.


2305 days ago

Tory Minister John Whittingdale, the porn star, the hooker and now the bung, is it from disgraced businessman Sean Nutley of Silverdell infamy?

I really do not care who media minister John Whittingdale is shagging. He seems to have a way with the ladies, he is single and his latest hook up, the ex porn star, looks pretty fit. I am not sure about the hooker with a specialisation in S&M but it probably brought Mr Whittingdale back some happy memories of boarding school. Ooooh matron...what should I do about press regulation? Thwack. What is perhaps of more interest to me is the list of those making donations to Mr Whittingdale as disclosed in the register of members interests.


2885 days ago

The London Stock Exchange fiddles while AIM Burns, top broker Andrew Monk weighs in

There is so much wrong with AIM. China frauds seem to list at will. Companies can lie without censure. Folks like Sean Nutley at Silverdell and Rob Terry at The Innovation Group (where is he now BTW?) just “get away with it. Investors have completely lost trust in the Casino. It is a joke. The LSE could change it simply by getting the hapless bunch of complete cretins at the AIM Regulation Team to enforce rules, to kick off piss poor Nomads who float crap (Daniel Stewart) and to publicly name and shame. But instead it tinkers with the rule book. Top broker Andrew Monk of VSA weighed in this morning with this comment: 


3003 days ago

My Nominations for the AIM Cesspit 2014 awards

So many to choose from and so little time to think – who am I nominating for these prestigious awards? Ultimately it is down to you, the investing public to vote on who wins, but for what it is worth my nominations have been:

*Entrepreneur of the year – investors vote on which AIM CEO or Executive Chairman has destroyed value most spectacularly in the past year. 

Sean Nutley of Silverdell (SID) gets my vote.

*PLC Pig of the year* – investors can vote on which AIM CEO or Chairman was most grotesquely over-remunerated relative to performance


3115 days ago

If you are a pissed off Silverdell shareholder here is Disgraced Sean Nutley’s Mobile Phone Number

I tried calling Sean Nutley today (twice) to ask him certain questions about the invoicing arrangements at Silverdell (SID), the AIM Cesspit Company that went tits up despite issuing ever more bullish trading statements, even after its main subsidiary received a winding up order. I also want to know if he had any comment on the suggestion that the Old Bill have arrested both him and Darren Palin

Sadly Nutley did not take my calls. And old Sean has not returned them either. I can’t think why not. Is he not getting used to “helping with enquiries”? But, perhaps you might have more luck than me. Or maybe you are just a pissed off Silverdell shareholder who wants to leave a message wishing him luck with his new job at the business asset stripped out of Silverdell where Nutley has a big equity share? Or perhaps you just want to ask how many models he now has in his collection of classic cars?


3124 days ago

The Silverdell Scandal – A Series of SIX NEW questions for Nomad FinnCap

The Silverdell (SID) scandal is hotting up but its Nominated advisor FinnCap, headed by self-important Sam Smith (pictured), is still insisting that in trousering hundreds of thousands of pounds in fees, it has done nothing wrong. Sure thing Sam, but would you mind answering a few questions for me concerning share dealing in Silverdell shares?

You will remember that Sam’s compliance officer Mr Tubby has conducted a “full review” and found that his firm was not in any way negligent of its responsibilities

You can read Mr Tubby’s protestations of innocence and why they do not wash HERE

But before Mr Tubby goes to read a bed time story to the little Tubby’s tonight ( Three little piggy’s made their way to stockmarket, etc, etc) I have a series of new questions for him courtesy of yet another informant.


3125 days ago

The Silverdell Scandal – another question for Nomad FinnCap & Disgraced CEO Sean Nutley

The Silverdell (SID) scandal meanders on with Nominated advisor FinnCap, headed by self-important Sam Smith (pictured), insisting that in trousering hundreds of thousands of pounds in fees, it has done nothing wrong. Its Compliance Officer Mr Tubby has conducted a “full review” and found that his firm was not in any way negligent of its responsibilities. Hmmmmmm – a new whistleblower has contacted me.

You can read Mr Tubby’s protestations of innocence and why they do not wash HERE

I now turn to the trading statement of 20th June 2013 when AIM Cesspit posterboy Silverdell stressed how brilliantly it was doing even though its main subsidiary had received a winding up order on 13th June which brought the PLC down by 2nd July. When a company issues a trading statement it will have a minuted board meeting with the Chairman in charge to approve it. A copy of the minute will be passed to the Nomad before the statement is released.

Mr Tubby: 


3129 days ago

The Silverdell Scandal, FinnCap Enquiry (Judge & Jury Finncap) says Nomad Finncap did nothing wrong

I suggested that readers of this website write to Sam Smith, the self-important CEO of FinnCap the well paid Nominated adviser to disgraced AIM Cesspit ( until it was slung off) and now bust Silverdell. It seems that Ms Smith is too important to answer emails in question but readers are now getting a reply which is about as convincing as the West Ham defence.

Ms Smith is being asked to demonstrate that FinnCap did any due diligence on a series of RNS statements from Silverdell which were clearly misleading. Needless to say Finncap is not stating that it did completed full due diligence. Its compliance Officer Mark Tubby’s detailed (NOT!) response is:


3130 days ago

Weekly video postcard #55 - the Evil of the Growth of Food banks and the poverty myth

The weekly video postcard this week looks at food banks where Edwina Currie is getting it in the neck for making a perfectly valid observation. Indeed the mammoth growth of food banks is based on a lie and spawns more lies – this goes to the heart of the austerity & welfare debate.

Colleagues of the Mrs don’t get it  but this video explains why food banks are an unnecessary evil.

My weekly financial video postcard covers shareholder activism on the AIM Cesspit, Silverdell, Mark Slater, pliant fund managers, Paul Scott and much more and can be viewed here.


3132 days ago

The Silverdell Scandal: Whistleblower 3 – Questions about Darren Palin

The Silverdell Whistleblower hotline (07761030374 or [email protected]) continues to hum. Today’s questions relate to Darren Palin who according to the Silverdell website is still the third most important person in the group – see HERE. Er…methinks not. 

Darren’s title at Silverdell was as Managing Director of EDS the firm Silverdell bought in what it described as a transformational £20 million deal in 2012. At the time it made great play about how Dazza was on board and would help drive the enlarged group forward.

As such you would have thought that even though its shares were suspended Silverdell would have met the basic rules of AIM and announced that he left the company in mid October 2013.  Sorry I forgot, this is Silverdell so who gives a fuck about AIM rules?

The official line,


3133 days ago

The Silverdell Scandal – AIM regulation Responds to my complaint

The AIM regulation team are, from my experiences with a certain oil company whose name somehow eludes me and with 3DM before that, about as much useful in slamming the bad guys as an air conditioning unit would be for a ship packed full of global warming nutters trapped in the Antarctic. But nothing ventured nothing gained,

I fired off a letter about disgraced Silverdell (SID) boss Sean Nutley ten days ago and have just had a response. Given that point b) below is a slam dunk 100% certain abuse by Silverdell it is hard to see how AIM regulation cannot do nothing and hope to retain any credibility at all. And it cannot now deny that it is unaware of the issue. 

In fact I am mildly encouraged by this letter. Having fired off numerous complaints about various AIM Cesspit stocks this response is a tad more helpful than the usual “here is a standard response designed to fob you off, you little oik” email, of which I have a good few in my collection.

Once again I urge anyone invested in AIM stocks to complain themselves to both AIM Regulation and to the FCA about Silverdell and Nutley. The more complaints they get the more pressure they will face to get off their backsides and (for once) do something. To find out exactly how to make your complaints click HERE

Now over to the AIM Regulation team which writes: 


Dear Mr Winnifrith 


3134 days ago

Silverdell – How Disgraced CEO Sean Nutley lied face to face with investors: whistleblower 2 of the day

Ooooooooh Er…Missus: The Silverdell whistleblowing hotline is humming tonight. Next up in the witness box is an investor who I regard very highly indeed and who attended a meeting with disgraced CEO Sean Nutley on 10th June 2013.

To read about how an internal whistleblower within Silverdell revealed to me how Nutley is clearly guilty of market abuse click HERE

If you would like to dish the dirt on Nutley or Silverdell simply email me at [email protected] or call me on the whistleblowing hotline 07761030374 – all sources will be 100% protected.

The investor states:

I attended a meeting with Silverdell on Monday 10 June 2013.


3134 days ago

Silverdell – A Whistleblower Emerges: This looks Dreadful for Disgraced CEO Sean Nutley

A senior manager at Silverdell (SID) has been in touch and has given me a statement which makes dreadful reading for disgraced CEO Sean Nutley. If the regulators want to nail Sean this is not going to be hard. This statement also makes very awkward reading indeed for Nomad FinnCap.

You can see the rap sheet against Nutley HERE

And you can find out how you can (and should) complain to the regulators HERE

Nutley’s big crime (under market abuse – dissemination) is publishing an upbeat trading statement on 20th June when his main subsidiary had received a winding up order on 13th June (something which brought Silverdell down by July 2 but which Silverdell did not disclose to the market.) I speculated yesterday that perhaps Nutley did not know about Kitsons. 

He did. The Whistleblower whose identity I must protect takes it up from here.


3134 days ago

The Silverdell Scandal – is there a whistleblower at Kitsons who would like to get in touch?

It has been put to me that disgraced Silverdell CEO Sean Nutley might have one – utterly implausible - defence against the charge that he misled investors in June 2013. I wonder if any disgruntled (now) ex-employees of the Kitsons subsidiary would care to get in touch to help me publically shoot this down in flames. 


3134 days ago

The Silverdell Scandal – Evil Knievil’s letter to the FCA Demanding Action NOW!

Bear raider Evil  Knievil (aka Simon Cawkwell) has joined the ever growing list of those demanding that the FCA throw the book at disgraced Silverdell CEO Sean Nutley and Knievil has also demanded that the regulator looks into the actions (or inactions) of Silverdell Nomad FinnCap. His letter sent today appears below.


15th January 2014

The Manager,

The Financial Conduct Authority,


Dear Sir,

Events at Silverdell


3135 days ago

The Silverdell Scandal – shareholders need to write to FinnCap & here is your letter

Under AIM rules the Nominated Advisor to a company has to show that it verified as true and fair any statement used as an RNS. If it cannot show that and investors lost money they can seek financial redress from the Nomad. The Nomad to Silverdell (SID) was FinnCap run by Sam Smith (pictured).


3136 days ago

Weekly Political Video Postcard from Tom Winnifrith #54 – Scotland & Welfare Reform Edition

The weekly video postcard is back from its Christmas break. You know how you do not want to do something so you put it off and it gets worse and worse and harder to do? Like the washing up or subbing a book by Zak Mir? Of course once you start such a task (subbing Zak’s book excepted) it is easy. And so I fear next week’s video very little.

On the agenda this week, prompted by this piece earlier, is Scottish independence and its funding but also UK welfare abuse and reforms.

My weekly financial postcard covers AIM Cesspit posterboy Sean Nutley of Silverdell and can be watched here.


3137 days ago

Sean Nutley the Silverdell MISLEADER – making not so sweet music – the video & a prize

On Youtube a video is unearthed of a band called “The Nutley Experience” with lead singer and guitarist Sean Nutley. Surely the bald bloke who looks like a total tosser could not be the same Sean Nutley who has coined it in at Silverdell (SID) while investors have lost everything and who misled investors so badly that he deserves a custodial sentence and a 6 figure fine from the FCA? - 


3137 days ago

How you can help ensure Silverdell Boss Sean Nutley who misled investors is prosecuted & more shocking revelations

Have you contacted the FCA and AIM Regulation yet to demand that they feel the collar of prize shit Sean Nutley, CEO of Silverdell who mislead his investors, who are now set to lose everything. If not, read on and then GET complaining.


3142 days ago

Silverdell CEO Sean Nutley should have his collar felt – I have asked the regulators to launch a formal enquiry

On 31 December (probably hoping that the announcement would go largely unnoticed), Silverdell (SID) announced that it is not anticipated that shareholders will receive any return for the shares they hold and that admission of the group's shares to the AIM Cesspit will be cancelled on 2 January 2014. This was a stock I tipped. I have apologised for that. But Silverdell CEO Sean Nutley misled investors and need to have his collar felt.


3332 days ago

Scoop: Silverdell Shares suspended - management appears to have breached AIM rules big time

Shares in AIM Cesspit listed Silverdell (SID) have been suspended this morning with the company stating:  Silverdell has requested a suspension of its shares from trading pending clarification of the Group's financial position.  Further announcements will be made as and when appropriate. You think the company is bust right? Well it may well not be but this story is a total scandal as I shall reveal now. If the AIM Regulation team gives a flying xxxx about maintaining an orderly market it will throw the book at Silverdell’s management team. 

I have now established fully what has gone on and can exclusively reveal all.


3373 days ago

New share tip: Silverdell - it's time to buy

Having added shares in specialist environmental support services group, Silverdell (SID) to the Recovery portfolio of my Nifty Fifty website at a 17p offer price in January I clearly do not look entirely Buffetesque with the shares now trading at a 14p mid. They took a bit of a beating yesterday so is anything wrong?

The company announced a trading statement on 12th April. Its results are on 5th June. It thus cannot comment on financials but if something had gone wrong it would have had to say so. It has not. The only news (yesterday) is the appointment on a Non Exec – John Matthews. He seems like a solid if dull fellow. No problems there.



3429 days ago

Silverdell – pure gold or fool’s gold?

Shares in specialist AIM listed environmental support services company Silverdell (LSE:SID) have fallen back since reaching above 20p in late February to a current 16.875p. These were shares I first recommended as a share tip at 12.75p last year so I am ahead but is the share price slide telling us something?


3525 days ago

Silverdell - a good share tip gets better

Shares in AIM-listed specialist remediation, decommissioning and consulting services group Silverdell (LSE SID) were recommended on t1ps at 12.75p in August, the month before I departed after more than 12 years editing that website to set up the Nifty Fifty offering. I subsequently updated you all in November, with the shares at 13.25p, concluding that they remained worth buying ahead of the announcement of results for the company’s year ended 30th September 2012. With these announced earlier this month, the share price is now 14.625p – capitalising the company at £45.8 million, and the following reviews the results and what they mean for the investment case…


3574 days ago

Silverdell – Still a buy?

AIM-listed Silverdell (SID), a provider of decommissioning and remediation services to high hazard and regulated environments, was recommended on at 12.75p in August, just before I departed t1ps in the following month more than 12 years after founding the site. After a ‘trading and strategic update’ last month, Silverdell shares currently trade at 13.25p. The following reviews that update and the investment proposition here…