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148 days ago

OptiBiotix – further expands SlimBiome Medical geographical reach, still a strong buy...

OptiBiotix (OPTI) has announced that it is “pleased to have signed an agreement with UITC to distribute our award-winning medical device in Singapore”…


223 days ago

OptiBiotix – WellBiome distribution agreements, patience still required but still a strong buy...

OptiBiotix Health (OPTI) has recently been “pleased to announce the extension of terms for CTCThis agreement recognises CTC’s success in building sales of SlimBiome® and extends terms to enhance further sales growth, supported by minimum sales targets. This is a first commercial step in bringing our new functional ingredient WellBiome® to global markets and building brand awareness” and pleased to announce… a second commercial step in bringing OptiBiotix’s new functional ingredient WellBiome® to global markets and building brand awareness”


280 days ago

OptiBiotix – builds on recently announced SlimBiome product launches, building compelling value…

Updating on OptiBiotix Health (OPTI) earlier this week we noted interest from larger partners and shorter partner discussions as sales are significantly developing. Now “a non-exclusive license agreement for its SlimBiome® trademark with Evolution_18 and related launch of fibre gummies containing OptiBiotix’s SlimBiome® proprietary weight management technology”


291 days ago

OptiBiotix – license agreement; potentially very exciting, Strong Buy...

OptiBiotix Health (OPTI) has announced “a non-exclusive license agreement for its SlimBiome® trademark with Smart For Life, Inc. and related launch of cookies containing OptiBiotix’s SlimBiome® proprietary weight management technology in the USA and Canada”


305 days ago

Optibiotix – Slimbiome now in Cookies at WalMart & Costco

Of course, those who know best will insist that this in no way validates the IP of Optibiotix (OPTI) and is a small deal which will not generate any license (and thus almost all margin with no working capital needed) profits at all. Whatever… So why has it not been announced?


320 days ago

OptiBiotix – “builds on” last week’s contract manufacturing agreement, remains a strong buy

Last week we noted a “key” SlimBiome contract manufacturing agreement for OptiBiotix Health (OPTI)… now it “builds on” this such agreement for meal replacement shakes designed specifically to support the international expansion of its own label GoFigure® consumer weight management brand…


330 days ago

OptiBiotix – new agreements suggest shares remain a strong buy...

OptiBiotix Health (OPTI) has followed an “Exclusive licence agreement for OptiBiome®” with a contract manufacturing agreement for SlimBiome® with Fipros A/S, emphasising “the agreement is key”


390 days ago

Optibiotix confirms report here 2 days ago – Slimbiome US launch: STRONG BUY

Tom Winnifrith writes: Two days ago on this very website I gave four reasons why I have never been so bullish about Optiubiotix (OPTI) with the shares then at a 60p offer. Now the offer is 67p and the shares are still a massive buy at up to 80p with a target to top slice at 125p achievable within months.


392 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: ValiRx is a false market - why it must issue an RNS now!

In today’s podcast I discuss freedom of expression with reference to Alistair Stewart, Andrew Monk, Schroders and a whore’s drawers.  I look at ValiRx (VAL), the joke that is NEX Exchange Regulation, Oracle Power (ORCP), Andalas Energy (ADL) and Haydale Graphene (HAYD). Finally I defend No Gold ( please donate to the Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks old chap, HERE) and report back on my Optibiotix (OPTI), Slimbiome weight loss programme.


392 days ago

4 pieces of Optibiotix news but only 2 announced – I have never been so bullish

I am now a customer as well as a shareholder having ordered two boxes of Slimbiome to help me shift, ahem, a few pounds. I shall report back on my progress. But you want to gain pounds don’t you? Well at a 60p offer, the way to do that is to buy more Optibiotix (OPTI) shares. I have as I have never been more confident about the company and its prospects. Let me explain why with reference to the four bits of news out this week.


395 days ago

Photo Article – Slimbiome arrives at Welsh hovel but what are the margins for Optibiotix & why no RNS on mega US News

The photos below show the two boxes of Slimbiome that arrived today at the Welsh Hovel and also one of the sachets, 21 of which sit in each box. I have used a standard loo roll in the pictures to give you an indication of size.


395 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - My Slimbiome arrives this afternoon

In today’s podcast I discuss Optibiotix (OPTI), how the critics have moved the goalposts and the ghastly Daily Mail. I also look at Big Dish (DISH) where ennui is setting in, at misleading interims from the worthless cur that is Plutus Powergen (PPG), at serial confetti issuer Zenith Energy (ZEN) and then at Eurasia Mining (EUA) where, after this post, I should say Optiva is now denying it is doing a placing. But frankly, it’s still a matter of when not if.


414 days ago

OptiBiotix Health – first major retailer agreement (& look what’s set to follow…)

OptiBiotix Health (OPTI) has announced a first agreement with a major retailer for its SlimBiome® functional ingredient with a product range to be initially sold in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden by health food chain Holland & Barrett…


558 days ago

OptiBiotix Health – another SlimBiome agreement, this time Australia and New Zealand…

OptiBiotix Health (OPTI) is pleased to announce an exclusive manufacturing, supply and distribution agreement for its SlimBiome weight management technology in Australia and New Zealand…


669 days ago

Optibiotix – er should you not have declared this related party deal with your chairman?

Optibiotix (OPTI) has announced the launch of SlimBiome® Medical in the UK – as of 29 April.  All; well and good and I remain an enthusiast for the shares – they are cheap. But there is another matter which is not so impressive in a word where transparency is now universally viewed as critical.


680 days ago

Optibiotix – Indian Slimbiome regulatory all-clear another piece in the jigsaw

It is another piece in the jigsaw and it could turn out to be quite a large one. Optibiotix (OPTI) has announced that it has received a licence from the Food Standards and Safety Authority India (FSSAI) for its weight management product, SlimBiome to be manufactured in India. The approval was gained by Optibiotix’s manufacturing partner, Zeon Life Sciences, for both SlimBiome and SlimBiome-containing products.


780 days ago

Optibiotix – Indian manufacturing deal very good news, more to come

OptiBiotix Health (OPTI) has announced that it has entered into an exclusive manufacturing and supply agreement with Zeon Lifesciences. The agreement grants Zeon an exclusive license to manufacture and supply OptiBiotix's SlimBiome weight management technology in India, in return for 50% of the profit.


818 days ago

Optibiotix – the good news keeps on coming : DO NOT SELL

On Tuesday we learned how Optibiotix (OPTI) had secured medical device approval for Slimbiome and a CE Mark and that it had been working on this for two and a half years. We suggested that it would thus hit the ground running and so it was perfectly plausible that it could be delivering annualised profits of £7 million from this one product within two years. On Thursday we saw evidence of how well prepared it is for a rapid rollout.


822 days ago

Optibiotix - the second most important announcement in its history: Buy!

“This is the second most important announcement we’ve made since we listed.” So said Optibiotix (OPTI) boss Steve O’Hara as we chatted this morning. The news is massive. Having worked on gaining medical device status and a CE Mark for the weight loss product Slimbiome for two and a half years, permission has finally been granted...


1489 days ago

Optibiotix: Slimbiome deal with Boots on the cards?

Critics of Obtibiotix (OPTI) reckon that it is all jam tomorrow and it needs to announce big name deals which see real rollout of its products and commercialisation. Well how would a deal with Boots for its Slimbiome weight-loss drinks and snack bars do for starters?